A man from Gloucester has received an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) after repeatedly going into shops where he is banned and spitting at staff when asked to leave.

Yohan Bailey, 29, received the order after it was found that he had become abusive, spat in the face of staff members and had to be removed from a store by City Protection Officers (CPOs).

Bailey, 29 and of Russell Street in Gloucester was served with the injunction on 28 April at Cheltenham and Gloucester County Court.

The injunction followed numerous reports to the police from members of public, CPOs and businesses in the city centre that he was entering premises despite being banned due to a City Safe red card ban.

The Gloucester City Safe Exclusion Scheme prohibits Bailey from entering member businesses.

He is also prohibited from stalking or touching females, without consent, within the city of Gloucester.

Solace officer Matt Roberts added: “Yohan has been a consistent nuisance in the city centre, verbally abusing staff and City Protection Officers, and spitting at them when challenged.

“He would also befriend women who work inside the shops, re-attend the shops numerous times each day and ask after the colleagues.

“On one occasion he found one of these women in town and stood waiting near her while she waited for transport.

“We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour towards members of the public and we hope this order goes some way towards protecting people, and particularly women, from Yohan’s behaviour.”

The case was brought against Yohan by Solace, a joint team of officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucester City Council.

The civil injunction order imposed by the courts forbids Mr Bailey from:

  1. Engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing alarm or harassment or distress to any person within the city of Gloucester
  2. Making rude or offensive gestures or comments or shouting at or spitting in public within the city of Gloucester
  3. Stalking or touching females, without consent, within the city of Gloucester
  4. Entering the area outlined blue on the map attached at any time

Inspector Si Motala from the Gloucester Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “This is a great example of the good work Project Solace, City Safe and the Gloucester City Policing Team are doing together to tackle anti-social behaviour in the city and keep members of the community safe in Gloucester.

“Yohan’s behaviour has had a significant impact on the communities of Gloucester. This injunction shows that we will not tolerate his anti-social behaviour.

“I would encourage anyone who witnesses Bailey breaching any of these conditions to report it to us. We will continue to work with our partners including Solace and Gloucester City Safe to make Gloucester a safer place to live.”

Steve Lindsay from Gloucester City Safe said: “Yohan has been carrying on in the city for well over 12 months now, and this constitutes a public nuisance.

“The partnership work of the local neighbourhood policing team and Solace has been fantastic in obtaining this injunction, which would prohibit his behaviour in defined area.

“It has been quite clear that he has continued to cause issues to local businesses, especially female members of staff, along with harassing members of the public.”

The order will remain in place for a year, with an expiry date of 28 April 2023 at 4pm.

Anyone who witnesses Bailey breaching his ASBI are asked to contact police on 101 or the Solace team on 01452 396396.

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