Gloucester city council has today temporarily stopped the felling of a tree on open land at St Mary’s Street, as local resident Rebecca Trimnell stood in the way of contractors who had already cut down one tree.

The contractors have gone away for the day, but could be back tomorrow. Rebecca Trimnell has spoken to Cllr. Paul Toleman and contact has now been made with the open spaces manager asking him for reassurance that the tree will not be cut down.

Dr Rebecca Trimnell who was a Lib Dem candidate at the local elections and former parliamentary candidate for Gloucester said: “I am absolutely appalled to come back to find one tree already cut down and another one to be destroyed too. It is astonishing that the powers that be are all talking about climate change and the pending COP26 summit, but yet here we are in Gloucester with the city council needlessly cutting down healthy trees. It is a farce and needs to stop”.

“Rebecca continued by saying: “I want a reassessment of the conifer tree that has been scheduled for felling and other options to be considered especially considering the tree officer who is deemed to have given the authorisation has now left.

“The council needs to step up to the plate when it comes to climate change and cutting a tree needlessly that has been there for probably half a century or more is certainly not the step in the right direction.”

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“Stop the needless cutting down of trees” says Gloucester woman by | Gloucester News Centre - http://gloucesternewscentre.co.uk/