Gloucester Folk Trail | 16th – 18th February 2024

2024 Line up

Ben Lander & Evelyn Hansell | Blackthorn Buskers | Boe-Jigge | Bordewey Young and Gittens | Brimstone | Broad Mill Stream | Broom Dance Workshop with Molly from Crazy Goat | Charlie’s Angels | Cobblers Child | Crazy Goat | Dampiers Round | Danny Hammond | Dave Hackney | Dave Norton | Discovery | Dryadic | Faddle Bag | Folk the System | Gloucester Diamonds | Hafren | Helen Hill | Hyett and Hill | In the Tradition | Invisible Tom Stanley | Jeff Gillet and Becky Dellow | Jessica Law and the Outlaws | John Davis and Nathan King | Karen Swan and My Creatures | Keith Hyett | Ken Langsbury’s Cante-fable | Kings Shilling | Lightly Twned | Lonesome Pines | Luke Philbrick | Luke Philbrick and Solid Gone Skiffle Band | Mark Harmer | Mark Illingworth | Mice in a Matchbox | None the Wiser | Percussion Instrument Makers Space with Dave Hackney | Picture Framers | Playford Musicians Workshop with Peter Gutteridge | Randall Carpenter | ReBil | Reivers Gallows | Reuben Lovett | Rich Whitehouse | Rob Swannack | Rodborough Folk Orchestra | Rusty Tubs | Shepherds Crook | Singaround Session with Dave Hackney | Slow Session with Polly | Songbird Anna | Songwriters Showcase | Songwriters Workshop with Jim Rowley | Steve Andishaw | Stray Threads | Susie and the Banjos | Swing Rioters | That Shallot Ceilidh | The Apple Snatchers | The Clint Mann Band | The Elgar School of Music Folk Ensemble | The Gathering Session | The Ghost Writers | The Rusty Tubs | Three Fiddles | Tilly Shepheard | Tumblin Down | Tune Instrument Workshop with Christine Reynolds | Ustri | Veronica Lowe | Will Craswell

Friday | 16th February

4:00 PM – Danny Hammond – RAILWAY GARDEN
5:00 PM – The Gathering Session – FOLK
6:00 PM – The Ghost Writers – THE NEW INN
6:00 PM – Kings Shilling – WH4
7:00 PM – In the Tradition – FOLK
7:00 PM – The Apple Snatchers – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
7:00 PM – Lightly Twned – TURKS HEAD
7:00 PM – The Rusty Tubs – WH4
7:45 PM – Tilly Shepheard – FOLK
8:00 PM – Jeff Gillet and Becky Dellow – PELICAN
8:00 PM – Luke Philbrick – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
8:00 PM – Randall Carpenter – TURKS HEAD
8:00 PM – Susie and the Banjos – CAFE RENE
8:00 PM – Blackthorn Buskers – WH4
8:30 PM – Ben Lander & Evelyn Hansell-Evergreen – THE FOLK
9:00 PM – Bordewey Young and Gittens – PELICAN
9:00 PM – Tumblin Down – THE NEW INN
9:00 PM – Folk the System – TALL SHIPS
9:00 PM – Reivers Gallows – CAFE RENE
9:15 PM – Ken Langsbury’s Cante-fable – THE FOLK
10:00 PM – Dryadic – TALL SHIPS

Saturday | 17th February

11:00 AM – Percussion Instruments Makers Space with Dave Hackney – FOLK
11:00 AM – Rob Swannack – FOLK
11:00 AM – Broom Dance Workshop with Molly from Crazy Goat – MARY DE CRYPT
12:00 PM – Hyett and Hill – FOLK
12:00 PM – Songwriters Workshop with Jim Rowley – FOLK
12:00 PM – Jessica Law and the Outlaws – THE CAVERN
12:00 PM – Danny Hammond – MARY DE CRYPT
12:00 PM – Mice in a Matchbox – WATERWAYS MUSEUM
1:00 PM – Songwriters Showcase – FOLK
1:00 PM – Shepherds Crook – FOLK
1:00 PM – Invisible Tom Stanley – THE CAVERN
1:00 PM – Dampiers Round – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
1:00 PM – Veronica Lowe – MARY DE CRYPT
1:00 PM – Discovery – WATERWAYS MUSEUM
2:00 PM – Songbird Anna – FOLK
2:00 PM – Charlie’s Angels – THE PELICAN
2:00 PM – Keith Hyett – THE CAVERN
2:00 PM – Danny Hammond – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
2:00 PM – The Vogwells – WATERWAYS MUSEUM
3:00 PM – None the Wiser – FOLK
3:00 PM – Playford Musicians Workshop with Peter Gutteridge – FOLK
3:00 PM – Karen Swan and My Creatures – THE CAVERN
3:00 PM – The Elgar School of Music Folk Ensemble – MARY DE CRYPT
3:00 PM – The Rusty Tubs – WATERWAYS MUSEUM
3:00 PM – Dave Norton – TURKS HEAD
4:00 PM – Faddle Bag – FOLK
4:00 PM – Steve Andishaw – TURKS HEAD
4:00 PM – Post Morris Session – TALL SHIPS
5:00 PM – Discovery – FOLK
5:00 PM – Mice in a Matchbox – THE PELICAN
5:00 PM – The Clint Mann Band – THE NEW INN
6:00 PM – Stray Threads – FOLK
6:00 PM – Helen Hill – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
6.00 PM – Rich Whitehouse – THE PELICAN
6:00 PM – Dave Hackney – TALL SHIPS
6:30 PM – The Rusty Tubs – THE NEW INN
7:00 PM – Picture Framers – FOLK
7:00 PM – Reuben Lovett – THE PELICAN
7:00 PM – Will Craswell – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
7:00 PM – Ustri – TURKS HEAD
7:00 PM – Singaround Session with Dave Hackney – TALL SHIPS
8:00 PM – Crazy Goat – FOLK
8:00 PM – Swing Rioters – TIGERS EYE AT THE OLD BELL
8:00 PM – Luke Philbrick and the Solid Gone Skiffle Band – THE PELICAN
8:00 PM – Three Fiddles – TURKS HEAD
9:00 PM – Boe-Jigge – FOLK
10:00 PM – Broad Mill Stream – TALL SHIPS

Sunday | 18th February

12:00 PM – Tune Instrument Workshop with Christine Reynolds – FOLK
1:00 PM – Slow Session with Polly – FOLK
1:00 PM – Veronica Lowe – TURKS HEAD
1:00 PM – Sound Men from Bristol – MARY DE CRYPT
1:30 PM – Reuben Lovett – MARY DE CRYPT
2:00 PM – Mark Harmer – FOLK
2:00 PM – Gloucester Diamonds – TURKS HEAD
3:00 PM – Lonesome Pines – FOLK
3:00 PM – John Davis and Nathan King – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
3:00 PM – That Shallot Ceilidh – WH4
4:00 PM – Brimstone – FOLK
4:00 PM – Mark Illingworth – THE DRUNKEN DUCK
5:00 PM – Cobblers Child – FOLK
6:00 PM – Hafren – FOLK
7:00 PM – After Hours Session – PELICAN


Music Venues

Cafe Rene

Friday 16th February
8.00pm – Susie and the Banjos
9.00pm – Reivers Gallows

The Cavern

Saturday 17th February
12.00pm – Jessica Law and the Outlaws
1.00pm – Invisible Tom Stanley
2.00pm – Keith Hyett
3.00pm – Karen Swan and My Creatures

The Drunken Duck profile image

Drunken Duck

Friday 16th February
7.00pm – The Apple Snatchers
8.00pm – Luke Philbrick

Saturday 17th February
1.00pm – Dampiers Round
2.00pm – Danny Hammond
6.00pm – Helen Hill
7.00pm – Will Craswell

Sunday 18th February
3.00pm – John Davis and Nathan King
4.00pm – Mark Illingworth

The Folk of Gloucester

Friday 16th February
5.00pm – The Gathering Session
7.00pm – In The Tradition: 7pm-ReBil, 7.45pm-Tilly Shepheard, 8.45pm-Ben Lander and Evelyn Hansell, 9.30pm-Ken Langsbury’s Cante-fable

Saturday 17th February
11.00am – Percussion Instruments Makers Space with Dave Hackney
11.00am – Rob Swannack
12.00pm – Hyett and Hill
12.00pm – Songwriters Workshop with Jim Rowley
1.00pm – Songwriters Showcase
1.00pm – Shephers Crook
2.00pm – Songbird Anna
3.00pm – None the Wiser
3.00pm – Playford Musicians Workshop with Peter Gutteridge
4.00pm – Faddle Bag
5.00pm – Discovery
6.00pm – Stray Threads
7.00pm – Picture Framers
8.00pm – Crazy Goat
9.00pm – Boe-Jigge

Sunday 18th February
12.00pm – Tune Instrument Workshop with Christine Reynolds
1.00pm – Slow Session with Polly
2.00pm – Mark Harmer
3.00pm – Lonesome Pines
4.00pm – Brimstone
5.00pm – Cobblers Child
6.00pm – Hafren

Gloucester Guildhall


National Waterways Museum Gloucester

Saturday 17th February
12.00pm – Mice in a Matchbox
1.00pm – Discovery
2.00pm – The Vogwells
3.00pm – The Rusty Tubs

The New Inn

Friday 16th February
6.00pm – The Ghost Writers
9.00pm – Tumblin Down

Saturday 17th February
5.00pm -The Clint Mann Band
6.30pm – The Rusty Tubs

The Old Bell

Saturday 17th February
8.00pm – Swing Rioters

The Pelican Inn

Friday 16th February
8.00pm – Jeff Gillet and Becky Dellow
9.00pm – Bordewey, Young and Gittens

Saturday 17th February
2.00pm – Charlie’s Angels
5.00pm – Mice in a Matchbox
6.00pm – Rich Whitehouse
7.00pm – Reuben Lovett
8.00pm – Luke Philbrick and the Solid Gone Skiffle Band

Sunday 18th February
7.00pm – After Hours Session

Railway Garden

Friday 16th February
4.00pm – Danny Hammond

St Mary De Crypt

Saturday 17th February
11.00am – Broom Dance Workshop with Molly from Crazy Goat
12.00pm – Danny Hammond
1.00pm – Veronica Lowe
3.00pm – The Elgar School of Music Folk Ensemble
4.00pm – ROFO

Sunday 18th February
1.00pm – Sound Men from Bristol
1.30pm – Reuben Lovett

The Tall Ship

Friday 16th February
9.00pm – Folk the System
10.00pm – Dryadic

Saturday 17th February
4.00pm – Post Morris Session
6.00pm – Dave Hackney
7.00pm – Singaround Session with Dave Hackney
10.00pm – Broad Mill Stream

The Turk's Head

Friday 16th February
7.00pm – Lightly Twned
8.00pm – Randall Carpenter

Saturday 17th February
3.00pm – Dave Norton
4.00pm – Steve Andishaw
7.00pm – Ustri
8.00pm – Three Fiddles

Sunday 18th February
1.00pm – Veronica Lowe
2.00pm – Gloucester Diamonds

Warehouse 4 at Gloucester Brewery

Friday 16th February
6.00pm – Kings Shilling
7.00pm – The Rusty Tubs
8.00pm – Blackthorn Buskers

Sunday 18th February
3.00pm – That Shallot Ceilidh

Workshops, Perfomances and Happenings Venues

The Folk of Gloucester

Percussion Instrument Makers Space https://skiddle.com/e/37155565
Saturday 17th February 11am Percussion Instrument Makers Space with Dave Hackney £3 inc booking fee

Songwriters Workshop https://skiddle.com/e/37153058
Saturday 17th February 12pm Getting Started in Songwriting Workshop with Jim Rowley FREE

Saturday 17th February 1pm – 4pm Natural Kids Crafts with Sophie of Kindred Spirits FREE

Saturday 17th February 3pm Playford Musicians Workshop with Peter Gutteridge £3 inc booking fee – https://skiddle.com/e/37155731

How to Learn a Session Tune https://skiddle.com/e/37155566
Sunday 18th February 12pm How to learn a Session Tune with Christine Reynolds £TBC

Sunday 18th February 2pm Kushti Divvus FREE

Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre

Friday 16th February
Willow Woven Heart Workshop with Helen Lomburg £TBC

Gloucester Guildhall

Tuesday 13th February
7pm The Wicker Man
This screening will be followed by a 20 minute talk on pagan ritual from Richard Sermon as part of Gloucester Folk Trail 2024.
Standard Ticket £8.50 Gloucester Guildhall Cinema

St Mary de Crypt

Broomdance https://skiddle.com/e/37146955 

Saturday 17th February 11am Broomdance Workshop with Molly of Crazy Goat £4 inc booking fee

Morris Sides

Performing Saturday 17th

11am-3pm at various spots in the city

Lassington Oak

Lassington Oak Morris were formed in 1977 by a group of dancers from the Gloucester & Stroud area. They were renowned not only for their dancing, but as fine musicians and singers. In many ways this start was reminiscent of the village and family traditions of early Morris Sides.

The side owes its name to an old oak tree to be found near the centre of Lassington Wood at Highnam, Gloucestershire. Unfortunately the old oak has been lying on its side for many a year. When standing it was considered one of the great trees of England.

We dance in the Cotswold Tradition, performing dances from a variety of villages including Bampton, Bledington, Adderbury and Fieldtown. Morris Dancing should be an energetic & dynamic. We are keen to show anyone who is watching that what we do is not only a living part of the traditional heritage of the country, but also, a good fun tradition to be involved in.

Lassington Oak Morris are members of the Morris Ring, an organisation which works to promote, preserve, and maintain the tradition of Morris Dancing.


We dance out on Wednesday nights in the summer and practise in the winter at Highnam Community Centre every Wednesday from 8pm

Give Martyn a call on 07766490735 if you would like some encouragement to have a go

Or email us:

We are available to perform at select gatherings at extortionate rates by negotiation.

Appleyard Dancers

Appleyard Dancers are a group of female dancers who perform a range of traditional folk and morris style dances to live music.
The group formed over 30 years ago, and are based in Worcestershire near Upton upon Severn.
We are keen to welcome new members at all times.
Check out the website www.appleyardfolk.co.uk

Stroud Morris

Stroud Morris bring you dances hewn from the Cotswold limestone of the Five Valleys. We dance in a kaleidoscope of colour representing our white sheep, green hills and the red cloth made in Stroud for the soldiers of King George. A ladies’ side based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, we have danced all
over the UK in the last 30 years but can’t wait to dance for you in at the Gloucester Folk Trail.

Winterbourn Down Border

Winterbourn Down Border Morris is a dance side for men and women based just north-east of Bristol, UK. We practise in All Saints Church Hall, Winterbourne Down on Monday nights starting at 8.15. Summer evenings see us out and about, dancing at local pubs. Every Boxing Day the Mummers and Morris dancers perform around the village and collect money in aid of charity.

Winterbourn Down Border Morris dancers use music which is suited to their step-hop style, namely traditional hornpipes, jigs and polkas, although there are times when these are adapted to match a particular dance. The dances themselves are put together using 3 or 4 different ‘verses’ separated by a common ‘chorus’. All of the dancers are involved in their creation and refinement. In most dances the dancers carry long sticks which are used in the ‘choruses’ to emphasise the rhythm of the music by being clashed against one another or by hitting the ground. Bells are worn on legs, arms and clothing to help define the rhythm and pace of the proceedings, and they give off a cheery jingling sound. Contact

England's Glory

England’s Glory were formed in 1972, first dancing out in 1973 and are therefore one of the longest established ladies morris sides in the world.

Highlights of our 45+ years of continuous dancing have included being the very first ladies side ever to appear at Sidmouth International Folk Festival, and also the first ladies side to be officially invited to perform in the arena (1978). We were also the first ladies morris side to appear on television (Pebble Mill at One) and we have toured overseas – Sweden, Guernsey, and Finland, as well as becoming a permanent fixture at many of the major UK Folk Festivals.

We are named after the historic brand of matches manufactured in Gloucester for about 100 years by the Moreland family.

We are able to resume our practise sessions on Monday 10th January at 8pm prompt. We meet at Innsworth Infant School Luke Lane, Innsworth GL3 1HJ. New dancers are most welcome – however we do ask that you do a lateral flow test before attending. Wear comfortable clothes, bring some water to drink and come and have some fun! If you need any more information please email us at

Wimberry Clog

We are traditional Step Clog Dancers based in the Forest of Dean.

Wimberry Clog normally meet every Thursday, alternating mornings and evenings, at the Pludds Village Hall, Gloucestershire, GL17 9UQ.

New members are always very welcome.

If you would like more information, please email us at

Gloucestershire Morris

Gloucestershire Morris (formerly Gloucestershire Morris Men) moved from Miserden in January 2021 and at the same time welcomed ladies to join the side. We are a Cotswold Morris side which first started in the1930s as Cheltenham Morris.

Our dances are from the Gloucestershire traditions Oddington, Bledington, Sherborne as well as Adderbury, Fieldtown, Bampton.
We practice at St Mary’s church next to the Pelican Inn in Gloucester on Tuesday nights from 7.45pm till 9.45pm before retiring to the Pelican for music and song.
We also perform tge Gloucestershire Mumming play and City of Gloucester play at the Cathedral on st Stephens day.
Contact Bagman Mike Boag on 01242 244701 or Squire Mike Thomas 07948529394. New dancers will receive a warm welcome.

Forest of Dean Morris

The Forest of Dean Morris Men was originally formed, as a men only side, in 1968. They dance out on summer Wednesday evenings at pubs in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley areas. The FODM dance mostly traditional Cotswold dances, and some unique dances from the Forest. On the second weekend in June the Forest side hosts other Morris sides from across the country.  This family friendly event has been held for over 40 years. A number of coaches take the colourful and varied sides to dance, and drink, at several pubs throughout the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. They have performed at many different locations in England and Wales, also in Germany and France.

In September 2017 the side took a forward looking decision to welcome women dancers and become a mixed side, re-naming as Forest of Dean Morris.  They welcomed 2018, their 50th anniversary year, re-invigorated with the influx of over 10 new dancers and musicians.

Usually Morris sides wear white shirts crossed with coloured baldricks (sashes) and white trousers or black breeches.  In the Forest of Dean, however, the dancers have traditionally worn “rag jackets”.  The current Forest of Dean Morris’ costume is based on the Ruardean kit of the 1880’s. One theory for the wearing of Rag Jackets is that it represents the leaves of the Forest.

In August 2021, after an 18 month lay-off, due to Covid pandemic restrictions, Forest of Dean Morris resumed their Wednesday evening dance-outs. With the winter practice season now in full swing old dances are being re-learnt and new ones developed. Practice takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Soudley Village Hall. If you are interested in joining look at our Facebook page for latest information or email


The Tattered Court

A Cheltenham-based mixed Border Morris side, founded in January 2016.

But just what is Border Morris? There’s no hankies (that’s Cotswold), but rather we dance with big sticks, rag jackets, and lots of gusto! The tradition originally comes from the Welsh Borders, but had mostly died out until it was revived at the end of the 20th century. Now, there are many Border sides around the country, some of whom re-enact traditional dances, some who perform modern dances, and many who do a bit of both. We’re very much at the modern end of the spectrum, and like to write our own dances that are fun to dance and awesome to watch!

We’re always looking for new members, dancers or musicians (or both). Normally we require members to be over eighteen, but younger dancers may well be possible by arrangement. Previous dancing experience doesn’t matter, just willingness to have a go!


Wild Oats

Wild Oats is a mixed side (boys and girls of any age) and always welcomes additional members {Dancers and musicians}. Young folks {under 16} will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Dancers will receive plenty of tuition in our freindly group, Musicians often play by ear or we can provide sheet music (if you play but don’t want to perform in public we also need practice musicians.).
Unless we are out dancing, practice is on Mondays 7.30 – 9.00pm
at Drybrook Rugby Club. GL17 9EU

Please check the dancing calendar. And please feel free to dig a little deeper by visiting our other pages.

Moonlight Morris

We are a group of friends who dance in the border style, in tatters of silver and blue with stars and moons to reflect our name, Moonlight Morris. We have a couple of talented musicians who enable us to perform both self-penned dances and ones we have adapted to our own style, in a lively and energetic way. You can see more about Moonlight Morris on our Facebook page: Moonlight Morris | Facebook

Miserden Morris

Miserden Morris (Formerly Gloucestershire Mixed Morris) was established in October 2016 by a few members of the Gloucestershire Morris Men and some enthusiastic new recruits!

This side is a mixed side, meaning that we have male and female dancers. We dance in the Cotswold tradition with dances from Gloucestershire, we do stick dances, hanky dances and corner dances – with dances from the villages of Oddington, Sherborne, Bledington & Longborough!

We practice on Tuesdays Stroud Old Town Hall 19:30-21:30.

For more information on how to join, visit the ‘Join Us‘ section of our website– you’re very welcome to join us at a practice for a no-obligation taster!

Ragged and Old Morris

Ragged and Old Morris is a mixed side performing newly created dances in the Cotswold style. The side has been established for 30 years and is based around the five valleys of Stroud in Gloucestershire. In addition to Morris dancing we perform Step Clog, and Mumming plays at Christmas.

We practice most weeks at the village hall in Bussage during the Winter and in Summer at local pubs often with other sides. We have bookings at festivals, countryside events, village fetes and parties. A small selection of our recent photos can be seen on the Gallery Page.

Our regular practice night is Wednesday and new members, dancers and musicians are always welcome whether beginners or experienced.

Contact us here!

About | Gloucester Folk Trail

The Gloucester Folk Trail first arrived in the city in 2018.

Folk musicians, artists and poets from around the county congregate in venues around the city, paying homage to traditional forms of Folk music, performance, entertainment, and arts & crafts.

It is funded and supported by the businesses and venues involved and Gloucester BID

More information to come.

Danny Hammond

Danny Hammond

Festival Programmer and artist

Danny Hammond is a Gloucester born and bred musician and guitar teacher. He manages Match Factory Studios, a rehearsal space near Gloucester Quays. His career involves teaching, guitar tech/repairs, running the studio, gigging and working on events. Danny performs in a number of local bands and as a solo instrumental fingerstyle guitarist, often employing an array of altered tunings. In this capacity Danny often visits traditional folk music, with a love for the melody, harmony, and history of the music. A tune with a story is always much more than just a tune!

Danny has worked closely with the Folk Trail since its humble beginnings in 2018. Working with artists, venues, scheduling, artwork, running live sound and supplying equipment as well as performing.

“The Gloucester Folk Trail is a highlight of my year and something I am delighted to be a part of. It’s a great coming together of many walks of life, musicians, music lovers, storytellers, craftspeople, poets, publicans, punters. Not to mention the very hardworking Folk Trail team of which it’s always a pleasure to work with. Gloucestershire has a vibrant traditional music heritage and it’s great to see such a celebration of it in our city centre. Every year gets bigger and better and it’s always something to look forward to.”

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

Glos Folk rep, Morris herder and artist

A lifelong Folkie, Singer, Musician, Dancer, Organiser, member of ReBil singing duo with Rebecca Kay, That Shallot Ceilidh Band and Lassington Oak Morris. Can usually be found with a pint of Ale and a Guitar in a music session or singaround somewhere local or at a festival. ReBil are available for select gatherings when we are freed from lockdown. Find us on Facebook and checkout the concert recordings from our bubble.

I am involved in the Gloucester Folk Trail helping with Artists, Workshops, Sessions, Folk Club and Morris Dancing, as well as performing. I love the folk trail for the opportunities it offers for local Folkies to perform in small venues across the city and for the music and dancing in the streets. I feel it is a showcase for our traditional music in the City.


Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts

Community Engagement and artist

The Pat Roberts has been hanging around the Gloucester roots music scene for far too long. She used to work at the Guildhall, where she co-created the Cajun Festival and Musiclab open mic. As well as singing backing vocals for blues legends The Suspects she has played accordion in didgeridoo-led ceilidh band Wasp Factor Five, Stroud Street band and pop covers trio Way Out West. Now she bashes a bass uke and sings with roots country duo Lonesome Pines and oldtimey badtimey string band Susie and the Banjos. ‘I love the magic that happens when people get together to play music, dance, tell stories. My mission is to get more young people to explore the enchanted landscapes of all folk traditions and experience the joy of noisemaking’. 

Gareth Jayne

Gareth Jayne

Tech Wizard and Gloucester Civic Trust rep

Gloucester born and Gloucester bred, Gareth comes from a long line of Glawster families. A trustee of Gloucester Civic Trust and part of the team responsible for bringing the Folk museum back to life. In his spare time he runs a software company, looks after all things IT for the Civic Trust, dances salsa and spends as much time as possible on his boat. He will be streaming the Folk Trail from his budget TV studio in his bedroom.

Jo-jo Roche

Jo-jo Roche

Project Manager

Magic weaver. Alpaca lover. Gloucester believer.

Green Stage

The Green Stage has been supplying audio, light and stage solutions in the City of Gloucester and far beyond for 20 years. As well as stages of all sizes the Green Stage offer a mobile solar powered sound system unlike any other locally.

For 2024 The Green Stage will be running the sound for our busiest venue over the weekend, The Folk of Gloucester. Once again we look forward to welcoming Tim and his years of sound experience for Gloucester Folk Trail 2024.

The Match Factory

Match Factory Studios: Gloucester rehearsal rooms, guitar set-ups, guitar, bass & drum tuition. 07464314966

Get in touch

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