Woodland Dreams
Luna Lotus
I have lived in Gloucester for 25 years. I'm an artist and designer with a strong interest in nature and promoting an increased appreciation of nature in others through my work. I have spent the past year working on co-created community art projects with local community organisations in Gloucester districts including a number of murals. I have worked with The Venture, Gloucester City Council, Strike A Light, Your Next Move and Gloucestershire Libraries to create public local artworks and other creative projects. From this experience I feel I have gained an understanding of the type of work that Gloucester residents like to see and the type of work local people connect with. I have recently moved into a studio in Jolt and I am very passionate about the continued regeneration of the city and contributing to the cultural development of Gloucester. I am so excited to be part of this development of our city and it is one of my aims to inspire other local people to pursue the arts as a career and create a thriving, vibrant and diverse cultural scene in Gloucester. http://www.lunalotus.co.uk/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/lunalotusuk https://twitter.com/lunalotusuk