Gloucester Folk Trail | 19th – 21st February

2021 Line up

Friday | 19th February

7:30pm | Folk Session

(not streamed)

We have a list of tunes that are regularly played in the Tuesday sessions around Gloucester and the Forest of Dean and also at other events at the Fountain Inn.

Some of these tunes are well known to many people but we would also like suggestions from others to add to the list. We may even ask you to lead it, especially if it is one we don’t know!

Here are a few likely candidates:


Tarrs of the Victory/ Smash the Windows

Three Around Three/Rochdale Coconut Dance


Out on the Ocean/Spirit of the Dance

Harper’s Frolic/Bonny Kate

The Railway/Fiery Clockface


Grandad’s /Over the Waterfall

How many other tunes are suggested will determine whether we follow the 3(2A 2B) format we usually play or just two repeats of each. That can be decided on the day.

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The following information will help you access the Zoom meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday | 20th February

10:00am | Martin Vogwell – Guitar Workshop (not streamed)

An introduction to Open-C tuning for the guitar for tunes and song accompaniment. Bring a steel-string guitar and a capo – Workshop will be  approx. 45-50 minutes long.

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11:00am | Christine Reynolds – Fiddle Workshop (not streamed)

A  free workshop for fiddle/violin players who can play within the key of G and also know Csharp. ”You can ask me what is the difference between a violin and a fiddle and I promise I will answer!” Christine plays for a morris side, a ceilidh band at weekly folk tune sessions in the county and would like to spread the fun to others. Come along and have a go!

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For further information if required email us and ask to be connected with Christine Reynolds

12:00pm | Spring Onions

We are a duo from the ceilidh band That Shallot.

Gareth Heatley plays the melodeon and leads the band and also is lead musician for Lassington Oak Morris side. He has a remarkable collection of squeezy instruments, which all  have a regular airing, but his favourite is still the trusty G/D Castagnari Tommy. Other instruments are available.

Gareth saw a mummers play taking place in his village several decades ago and realised he had found something special in the music they played at the session afterwards. Quite a change from being a DJ.

Christine Reynolds plays the fiddle and occasionally the melodeon – but that is still a work in progress. She also plays for Lassington Oak and started her folkie adventures eleven years ago by going to four folk fiddle lessons at the Gloucester Guildhall on Saturday mornings. She joined England’s Glory Ladies Morris as a dancer in the (mistaken) belief that she would learn the tunes played in sessions more quickly…… Since then she has played in the weekly sessions in pubs around Gloucestershire along with other members of the band and can’t wait until we can get out and play once again.

12:40pm |  Lonesome Pines

The Lonesome Pines are Jon Hoyle (guitar, slide, vocals) and Pat Roberts (bass uke vocals). They mine a rich vein of country/blues storytelling from The Carter Family to the Handsome Family via Hank Williams, Richard Thompson, Kirsty MacColl and Chuck Berry. Their own songs are mostly about supermarkets and unsatisfactory relationships.

1:20pm | Dampier’s Round

A stylistically unique Country Folk Band from day one, the members of Dampier’s Round have been been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. (they have!) Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances, all the while recording new music.

2:00pm | Jim Rowley

Jim Rowley is a Gloucester based singer/songwriter regularly seen (and heard!) on the folk scene in Gloucestershire and beyond – either solo or as a member of local band: Blackthorn Buskers. Born into an Irish family transplanted to South Wales, his writing draws on both these traditions as well as referencing contemporary themes. A rich, clear voice joined to expressive guitar playing provides the basis for songs of love, loss, protest, anger – and a little humour from time to time…

2:40pm | Inkubus Sukkubus – Candia & Tony

Inkubus Sukkubus are a British Pagan Goth/Folk rock band, based in Gloucestershire, with an international following. The subject matter of their music tends to veer towards the dark and supernatural, exploring witchcraft, magick, folklore, death rites and more.
In 2020, Candia and Tony published a book and CD based on their Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder trilogy, taking a deeper look at the meaning of some of their songs and the folklore that inspired them.
Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder – The folklore, myths and magic of Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds
and beyond: Exploring the lyrics of Inkubus Sukkubus (ISBN 978-1-5136-6580-1) is available direct from
the band for £15 (+P&P) for book and 13-track CD.
Spring 2021 sees the release of their 26
th studio release, The Way of the Witch. 

3:20pm | Sid Harvey

After lots of years playing in Blues / Rock bands.  Sid, decided to go to a more original blues/ folk style of music and plough a different field….. gig regularly and always aim to put a smile on people’s face…….. what more can one do  …

4:00pm | Karen Swan

Karen Swan has been described as *an enigma. Also as * a punky Joni Mitchell or a grungy Kate Bush with a touch of avant-garde {by Johnny Kowalski of the Sexy Weirdos} and *Awesome! { by Boris Pelekh of Gogol Bordello} *Please note their words not hers! She has performed worldwide and is also an actor, writer, clown and artist. 

4:40pm | Lucy Jarrett

Singing before she could walk and playing guitar from age 10, Lucy Jarrett plays an elcectic mix of original material and covers, influenced from her love of all music from folk to punk.

Lucy has entertained on the Folk and Country circuits, in pubs, clubs and cabarets all over the UK and has had the good fortune to open for such artists as diverse as Billie-Jo Spears, Ralph McTell, The Wurzels and The Stranglers, who also asked her to provide backing vocals on their 2006 album ‘Suite XVI’.  She is also the current silent co-host at The Radio Winchcombe Folk Collective – Monday nights 107.1fm  – Do listen in.. (Can’t wait to get back on air..!)

5:20pm | Chez Dunford

Chez Dunford is an independent musician performing both self-penned and traditional folk songs. Chez is a theatre maker, circus artist and community practitioner using music and story to connect people. A songwriter who wears her heart upon her sleeve.  She believes in the power of sharing stories to anchor, learn from, and process our human existence.

6:00pm | Alex Davies

Alex Davies is a singer/songwriter from the Forest of Dean and a Gloucester Folk Trail regular best known for his involvement in events such as the annual music festivals in Coleford and Mitcheldean (and further afield) as both a performer and an organiser. During lockdown (as well as growing an impressive head of hair for a man of his age) he has used his skills to create numerous virtual events including virtual music festivals and weekly ‘virtual open mic’ events on the Forest of Dean Open Mics Facebook page. Tonight  as a performer, he will offer a selection of songs on guitar and bouzouki.

6:40pm | Danny Hammond

Danny Hammond is a local guitar teacher and musician. Usually found performing with Delinquent Roots and often joining the ranks of Solid Gone. Danny will instead be bringing us a set of solo instrumental acoustic pieces, utilising open tunings and a list of tunes that span hundreds of years.

7:20pm | Discovery

As Discovery, Jeff and Elaine have appeared at folk clubs and festivals from Sussex to Ontario!
Together, Jeff and Elaine’s voices combine to create beautiful harmonies and sensitive interpretations of traditional and modern folk songs, which they present with warmth and humour. The songs are enhanced by Jeff’s supremely tasteful, restrained yet inventive accompaniments on guitar, concertina, Appalachian dulcimer and mandola.

8:00pm | ReBil

Rebecca Kay is joined by Bill Taylor, performing traditional and contemporary songs and ballads, rich vocals, warm harmonies with guitar and mandolin accompaniment. They met in a pub at a folk club. The duo “ReBil,” (rhymes with Rebel) having been offered a booking as a duo, set to work on a set of songs to perform. Rebecca was brought up in a Folk family and has been singing and playing from childhood. Bill began learning the guitar and discovered folk music as a teenager.

The CD, “ReBil with some chords”, is available from our gigs or message us via Facebook.

8:40pm | Vogwells

Martin & Emma Vogwell play a mix of traditional and original songs and tunes, combining voices and guitar to bring stories and harmony to life.

9:20pm | Luke Philbrick

Innovative roots rock and skiffle music drawing on traditional blues, jazz and folk influences with frequent forays into gypsy-tinged psychedelia, breathtakingly powerful vocals and raw delta blues styled guitar.

10:00pm | ENDS

Sunday | 21st February

12:00pm | Bygonz

Bygonz ( Rob and Gillian Guest ) perform music and entertainment from bygone ages on a range of instruments, often dressed in costume of the era.  This performance for the Gloucester Folk Trail features pipe and tabor which has strong associations with Gloucester ( the cathedral has two fourteenth century statues of p&t).   This is accompanied by anglo-saxon lyre (modelled on one found in the Sutton Hoo excavation),  and hurdy gurdy ( which was known as symphonie before 1750 )– there is also a statue of one of these from 1340 in the cathedral.   The music they perform ranges from early mediaeval to the present day.

12:30pm | Invisible Tom

Invisible Tom is the solo career name of guitarist, singer, songwriter and balalaika player Tom Stanley. There are two parts to the music of Invisible Tom; Guitar based indie music, and the traditional balalaika music as played at Gloucester Folk Trail 2021. The balalaika music includes traditional songs from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Wales. Singing in these diverse languages is a challenge. In 2021, Invisible Tom/Atom Mirny released the album LUNA, recorded at Get it Together Studio in Stroud.

1:00pm | Gwilym and Carol Davies 

Gwilym and Carol Davies have been researching and performing folk songs for many years.  Between them they have written 2 books on folk music and are the driving force behind the glostrad.com website detailing songs and tunes collected in Gloucestershire.  For the Folk Trail they will be performing English and American folk songs, backed by keyboard, melodeon and banjo.

1:30pm | Bill Craswell

Churchdown based singer Bill Craswell is MC at Folk at The Club and can also regularly be heard on the folk scene in Gloucestershire and farther afield either solo or fronting local band: Blackthorn Buskers. Born into an RAF family he spent much of his early years travelling finally settling down in the Cotswolds, this is reflected in some of his own songs. Bill’s music covers a wide range of traditional and modern folk songs some acapella but mostly accompanied by fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

2:00pm | Jane Springham (Story Telling)

Jane is a Gloucester based storyteller who enjoys telling both traditional and real-life tales to anyone willing to listen – from 3 to 103! Having always loved stories, she has found them wherever she has lived and worked but decided to really follow the path into ‘storyworld’ in 2018. In 2019 she co-founded the ‘Gloucester Moving Stories Café’ with two other storytellers – Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers and Saffy Snell-Pym. The Café has an open mic format, encourages tellers old and new, and promotes the ancient art of oral storytelling. The trio’s first three ‘in-person’ evenings (before lockdown!) were well received by audiences. Jane is also now part of a group of storytellers working with the NHS to develop story circles to help people experiencing loneliness. Since lockdown she has been travelling the virtual Zoom highways to many ‘story nights’ across the land – to learn more about the craft and telling more tales, often contributing to ‘Oh Crumbs Online’ a spoken word evening usually to be found in a coffee shop in Bream in the Forest of Dean.


2:30pm | Debra Hannis

Debra Hannis is a well established traditional accepella folk singer from Gloucestershire her material comprises of sea shanties ballads and chorus songs . Debra has been entertaining audiences throughout the Uk including Sidmouth Folk Festival in 2018 and Cambridge Folk Festival in 2019. Debra’s style and charm is ideal for weddings and special events when we are allowed to celebrate together again contact : or Facebook 

”Every once in a while a voice emerges that to accompany with an instrument would be like gilding a Lily.” Unaccompanied Traditional Folk Songs.

3:00pm | Ceilidh with Spring Onions

Spring Onions will bring you a short performance of a mixture of dance tunes and other favourites. As members of a ceilidh band, we hope that our playing makes you want to dance and we would be delighted if you did just that. In addition, if you recognise any tunes and want to play along, please do so. Hopefully sometime in the not-too-distant future we will be able to play for dances with the other members of That Shallot. Looking forward to that day!

Join in the fun here!

4:00pm | Oh Crumbs (Spoken Word)

4:10pm | The Lonesome Pines

4:30 | Morris Workshop with Lassington Oak Morris

Lassington Oak Morris are a Cotswold Morris side from Highnam near Gloucester. Named after the famous oak tree that stood in Lassington woods thought to be 800 years old by the time it fell in a gale in 1960. We were formed in 1976 and perform dances from a range of traditions but specialise in Fieldtown, Adderbury and Bledington. Our kit is made up of black britches, white shirts and our distinctive leather waistcoats with bright oak leaf felted bell pads. In normal times we practice at highnam village hall during the winter season and are seen dancing out around Gloucestershire on Wednesday evenings during the summer.

The dance I have chosen to teach is a popular jig within the side and danced either solo or as a double jig. The Nutting Girl from Fieldtown (now Leafield) a traditional Cotswold Morris jig. The tune is based on the song by the same name.

4:50pm | Wild Mountain Thyme Guitar Lesson

Local guitar teacher Danny Hammond will be taking us through this timeless tune in standard tuning. We will cover how to accompany the song with chords and also how to play the melody as a solo arrangement. Suitable for strummers and pickers alike and beginner friendly. This is a non-interactive lesson, but there will be opportunity to play along. Free sheet music provided.

wild mountain thyme

5:15pm | Veronica Lowe (Poetry)

 Veronica has been in folk nearly as long as some of the Gloucester Diamonds, two of whom she has known since Rod Penlington ran a club at the Midland and Royal Hotel in the late 70s. (It’s now a solicitor’s opposite Asda.) Veronica is one of the trustees and working team on Glostrad, and involved with Glosfolk. She’ll be performing local poetry of Ivor Gurney at this year’s online Folk Trail.

5:30pm | Karen Swan

5:40 | Inkubus Sukkubus

6:00pm | Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers 12+

The deferred 20 Years of Tales Tour starts here! Obviously this is a set of traditional stories. They range from dodgy dealings around Gloucester Docks and Forest of Dean to ghastly and ghostly goings-on in the Cotswolds and deeper south. Wickedly funny, mysteriously macabre.
Chloë is a pioneer of Story Cabaret in the UK, packing out 2018 + 2019 performances at Cheltenham Literature Festival and beyond.
For family audiences she’s storyteller in residence at Sudeley Castle, and dares to take Dragon Tales to Wales

7:00pm | Kate Akers and Karl Merrick

Both respected traditional musicians in their own rights, Kate Akers and Karl Merrick joined forces in November 2019. After a number of regular folk club spots and a handful of local gigs they locked down together. Honing their multi-instrumental sound all year, they combine earthy, driven strings with traditional songs and tunes, as well as writing original material. Kate Akers and Karl Merrick have been described, in their only review so far,  as ‘well worth hunting out!’ 

7:30pm | Folk Club Sing Around

A song session where we takes turns to sing, sharing our music with others. Everyone else mutes their mic and can sing along creating their own harmonies in their own homes. We cannot all sing together unmuted because of the signal delay over the world wide web, but we can enjoy the performances. if you just want to listen and not perform then we always welcome an audience.

Register Here

or 7:30pm | Discovery

To close up our Facebook and Youtube sessions we have a special Discovery performance to share with you. 

Virtual Venues

Due to the current crisis, the Gloucester Folk Trail will be live-streamed this year. So grab your beers & ciders, click the live stream links, head to the couch, and enjoy!


About | Gloucester Folk Trail

The Gloucester Folk Trail first arrived in the city in 2018.

Folk musicians, artists and poets from around the county congregate in venues around the city, paying homage to traditional forms of Folk music, performance, entertainment, and arts & crafts.

Due to the pandemic, we are planning to reinvent this wheel with this years Folk Trail and provide a virtual festival to attendees at home.

More information to come.

Danny Hammond

Danny Hammond

Festival Programmer and artist

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

Glos Folk rep, Morris herder and artist

A lifelong Folkie, Singer, Musician, Dancer, Organiser, member of ReBil singing duo with Rebecca Kay, That Shallot Ceilidh Band and Lassington Oak Morris. Can usually be found with a pint of Ale and a Guitar in a music session or singaround somewhere local or at a festival. ReBil are available for select gatherings when we are freed from lockdown. Find us on Facebook and checkout the concert recordings from our bubble.

I am involved in the Gloucester Folk Trail helping with Artists, Workshops, Sessions, Folk Club and Morris Dancing, as well as performing. I love the folk trail for the opportunities it offers for local Folkies to perform in small venues across the city and for the music and dancing in the streets. I feel it is a showcase for our traditional music in the City.


Pat Roberts

Pat Roberts

Community Engagement and artist

Pat Roberts has been hanging around the Gloucester roots music scene for far too long. She used to work at the Guildhall, where she co-created the Cajun Festival and Musiclab open mic. As well as singing backing vocals for blues legends The Suspects she has played accordion in didgeridoo-led ceilidh band Wasp Factor Five, Stroud Street band and pop covers trio Way Out West. ‘I love the magic that happens when people get together to play music, dance, tell stories. This year there’s such a hunger to make connections – even dodgy broadband ones – and dream about the time we’ll be able to do it for real. What an explosion there will be in this city when the last jab kicks in.’

Gareth Jayne

Gareth Jayne

Tech Wizard and Gloucester Civic Trust rep

Gloucester born and Gloucester bred, Gareth comes from a long line of Glawster families. A trustee of Gloucester Civic Trust and part of the team responsible for bringing the Folk museum back to life. In his spare time he runs a software company, looks after all things IT for the Civic Trust, dances salsa and spends as much time as possible on his boat. He will be streaming the Folk Trail from his budget TV studio in his bedroom.

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