Gloucester Folk Trail | 17th – 19th February 2023


Suthering combines the musical talents of Julu Irvine and Heg Brignall. A couple in life and in music, the duo have taken the folk scene by storm with their unusual and fresh approach to folk. Julu and Heg champion female characters, creating new narratives for women and unearthing the female heroines of folk.

What sets them apart is their wonderful chemistry and charisma on stage, natural humour and two beautifully matched voices. With an unusual mix of cascading, dramatic piano; intricate, fingerstyle guitar; flute, whistles and harmonium, Julu and Heg bring an exciting take on folk storytelling with their evocative and distinctive sound.
Their forthcoming debut album If We Turn Away is due for release on February 25th 2022. Their album launch will be marked with a special full band concert where the duo will be joined by Oliva Dunn (Phil Beer Band, Mad Dog Mcrea) and Sarah Ricketts (The Nightjar).

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