Halifax Building Society

Hello! We're on Westgate Street


10 minutes ago
Halifax @AskHalifaxBank
@kaniep That's odd. There should be a "Payments and Transfers" option. What do you see when you access the app menu? ^PM
28 minutes ago
Halifax @AskHalifaxBank
@samanthamay___ Hi I'm PM. Statement exports are only available in CSV and QIF formats, sorry. We don't offer PDFs.
34 minutes ago
Halifax @AskHalifaxBank
@MissFalseLashes Hi I'm PM. That's odd. Are there sufficient available funds in the account? Have you looked at the standing order today to confirm that it's still active?
51 minutes ago
Halifax @AskHalifaxBank
@kaniep Hi I'm PM. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Are you able to sign in via the app? If so, you can make transfers via the main app menu in the top right hand corner of the screen.