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Hello! We're on Eastgate Street


28 minutes ago
Lloyds Bank @AskLloydsBank
@jennysummers89 Please let me know if you have any further issues getting through. ^AF
33 minutes ago
Lloyds Bank @AskLloydsBank
@jennysummers89 It was lovely speaking with you & please let me know how you get on. ^AF
55 minutes ago
Lloyds Bank @AskLloydsBank
@jennysummers89 If your tweet displays your personal contact details, it may be advisable to delete it. DM if you prefer. (2/2) ^LM https://t.co/QCh3PtycmG
56 minutes ago
Lloyds Bank @AskLloydsBank
@jennysummers89 Hi, I'm LM. I may be able to have a Social Media advisor call you on this occassion. Can I just check, is the number you've provided a landline or mobile? Also, have you checked if it will cost you money to receive a call? (1/2)