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Hello! We're on Eastgate Street


1 minute ago
Tesco @Tesco
@besidetheriver Agreed Rosy! Here are some examples of just that. Enjoy! - Andy :) https://t.co/efeyBP2CWC
3 minutes ago
Tesco @Tesco
@NeilJackets Hi Neil, I'm sorry I'm not really sure what your complaint is about. Did one of our colleagues stand on a customer's phone? If so did the customer complain or are you complaining on his behalf? Was the phone damaged? Thanks - Mark https://t.co/py5Z991Bme
4 minutes ago
Tesco @Tesco
@cordur0ydreamss You say it best Abbie! Here are some more cool #vegan ideas for you. Enjoy! - Andy :) https://t.co/efeyBP2CWC
5 minutes ago
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@SarahhxJaneex Hi Sarah Jane. I have refunded the promo difference for you this afternoon and your payment card will be credited within 3-5 days.Terry.