Are there some shops you walk into and feel like you could stay all day? Idun Spirit is one of those. As soon as you enter, you feel welcome, relaxed and open. In fact, Idun owners, Libby and Toni say this is exactly the sort of environment they wanted to create. Some customers have even had quite emotional reactions on entering the shop and events space. Idun Spirit is also called the ‘Centre of Light’ and has become a place of sanctuary for many and its owners a source of support.

Idun, meaning the goddess of spring and rejuvenation, provides products including: East of India homeware, singing bowls, healing crystals, hand crafted items, incense and decorative items. Owner Libby said, ‘What we offer encompasses nurturing mind and body. We provide many products to help our customers rebalance, de stress and help maintain mental and emotional wellbeing.’

At Idun you can also take part in Reiki classes, meditation and other courses. There is also space for treatments, counselling and readings.

Libby and Toni started their journey with Idun Spirit after buying the online shop in September 2018. After a visit to Gloucester, they decided to have a stall in the Eastgate Indoor Market where they built up a core customer base. ‘We were there for 18 months but we plateaued and wanted to expand and have rooms as I’m a therapist and medium and we needed a space to expand.’

They moved to Westgate Street at the beginning of 2020 and, due to lockdown, they spent time decorating and making it their own. During lockdown they also checked in on their customers, doing Facebook Lives and Facebook Live sales which Toni says became more about connecting with people and having a laugh!

Idun Spirit opened again in June 2020 and the owners look forward to continuing with their unique offering. Toni said, ‘People have been through difficult times suffering from loneliness or the opposite of overcrowding. It’s made us look at ourselves and what we need and how we can improve our own emotional balance and mental health. It’s becoming more normal to say I’m suffering with my mental health.’

Libby and Toni have certainly created a ‘Centre of Light’ at Idun Spirit and we are excited to keep following their business journey! You can find out more about upcoming events including a charity crystal auction on September 15th and ongoing workshops here.