Highlights for the Month

• 1st – Responded to three calls of shoplifting to identify shoplifters from CCTV.
• Assisted in a first aid incident, called ambulance, kept the casualty comfortable until medical assistance arrived.
• Removed an aggressive male causing a problem near the front of a shopping centre.

• 2nd – Moved a person who was aggressively begging on Northgate Street.
• Involved with three missing person searches throughout the day.
• Assisted in the arrest of two known males, one wanted on warrant, the other for breach of bail conditions.
• Dealing with a drunk male who was causing trouble in the City, he was later arrested.

• 3rd – Instigated an investigation into found items belonging to a large store. Located items and the offender who carried out the shoplifting.
• Requested to speak with persons being aggressive in one of the drinking establishments in the city centre.

• 4th – Deterred a well -known shoplifter attempting to steal.
• Reviewed several CCTV recordings in stores to identify shoplifters, so they could be added to the City Safe system and reported to the police.

• 5th – Assisted in a dispute with parking area in the city being blocked.
• On request assisted with the identification of a shoplifter. Incident added to City Safe system.

• 6th – On request assisted with two shopliftings in store, both incidents a yellow card was issued.

• 7th – On request have dealt with three shoplifters’ yellow cards were issued and all added to city safe system.
• Called to two incidents of aggressive behaviour where the persons involved had to be removed from the store.
• Requested to identify a shoplifter, unknown, but added as an ID sought on City safe.

• 8th – Called to two mobile phone shops reporting aggressive males in store, both gone before arrival of CPOs but offered safety advice/card to both shops.
• Stopped a known shoplifter after he was caught in store and retrieved other stolen items from him, items were returned to correct store. He was advised to leave town.
• CPOs assisted the Quays staff with a stop on two well- known shoplifters.

• 9th – Called to assist with a shoplifting offence, identification was not made, advice given, and person added to City Safe system as an ID sought.
• Called to assist with three cases of drunken and aggressive behaviour throughout the day.
• Identified a known and wanted individual, called CCTV and person arrested by police.

• 10th – Assisted with two first aid incidents during the day.
• Detained an aggressive male for urinating in the street at the cross. Police arrived and took over this incident.
• Dealt with four incidents of anti-social behaviour from youths causing trouble to adults fighting.
• Numerous welfare checks made on vulnerable persons and gathering intelligence.

• 11th – Two counts of retrieving stolen items at the request of shop security.
• Assisted with two incidents of antisocial behaviour, all ended with no further issues and groups suitably advised.
• Spoke with several “Buskers” and offered them the City council guidelines leaflet.
• Spotted and assisted in the arrest of a wanted person.

• 12th – At the request of store security, retrieved stolen items and returned goods back to the owners of various stores.
• Welfare checks made at the request of Police CCTV.

• 13th – Requested to speak to a couple sleeping outside of the transport hub, welfare checks, advise given and signposting cards issued. Couple left the area.
• Responded to a call for a missing eleven-year-old boy, he was located and reunited with his mother.
• Called to an incident of a young lady having had her nails done and no method of payment, this turned out to be a welfare issue and female was taken to the Cavern for assistance.

• 14th – Carried out welfare checks at the request of CCTV and other radio users concerned over individuals in the City.
• Called to an incident on Westgate Street, a young female had thrown a road sign through a window, detained the suspect until Police arrived.
• Assisted with two shoplifters caught and detained, booked onto the city safe system.

• 15th – Requested to assist with an aggressive male in store. Male was removed from the store and left the area.
• Retrieved stolen items and returned to the Quays store.
• Called to carry out welfare checks on individuals throughout the day.

• 16th – Requested to assist with shoplifting offences throughout the day.
• Engaged with and moved on street beggars from public areas (no induviduals were homeless).

• 17th – Numerous requests to assist with shoplifters in store, yellow cards issued and added to the City Safe system.
• Assistance given with the removal of individuals being antisocial and aggressive in the City, which led to the arrest of two people.

• 18th – Called to assist with antisocial behaviour which resulted with individuals being arrested for.
• Welfare checks made on several streets people, Citylink referrals.

• 19th – Initiated a search for a female who was under duress with two males, reported by members of the public. The police found the trio and dealt with them.
• Assisted stores dealing with shoplifters throughout the day.
• Two welfare issues where the individuals were very aggressive. These issues were dealt with.

• 20th – Responded to requests in order assist with cases of shoplifting.
• Welfare checks made on several members of the public at request of CCTV.
• Requested to deal with a drunk and aggressive male outside a pub on Kings Square.

• 21st – Called to talk to an aggressive older male, he was spoken to and calmed down after suitable advice given.
• Moved on a male who refused to leave a store.
• Requested to deal with a pair of shoplifters, both issued a yellow card and added to City safe system.

• 22nd – Assisted the local council with the issue of an eviction notice.
• Assisted police with a domestic altercation in the City.
• Several cases of antisocial behaviour dealt with, involving youths on bikes.

• 23rd – Requested to deal with shoplifters, yellow cards issued and added to the City Safe system.
• Called to check on an aggressive male in Southgate Street, very drunk and abusive. Calmed him down and he left the area.

• 24th – Requested to attend two shoplifting incidents, yellow cards were issued and added to the City Safe system. One was subsequently arrested by police for drunk and disorderly behaviour.
• Requested by CCTV to monitor two youths who were involved in threats towards store staff. One detained and arrested for threatening behaviour.

• 25th At stores request attended to assist with the identification of suspects involved in burglary. ID confirmed and information passed to relevant agencies.
• At CCTV request located and identified an individual wanted, this person was detained waiting for the police to arrive. Male was aggressive and pulled a knife on CPOs. He was arrested by the police for offences.

• 26th Attended to ID a shoplifter who had stolen items from store.
• Welfare checks made on all street people and street drinkers.

• 27th At CCTV request monitored a well-known street drinker who was causing issues around the city centre.
• Assisted with the return of stolen items to the store and detaining a shoplifter until Police were able to arrest the individual.

• 28th Called to check the welfare on several individuals throughout the day.
• Requested to attend a store to try and identify a shoplifter.
• Called to attend to an aggressive male on Eastgate Street, this person was spoken with and suitable advice given, he left the area.

• 29th Monitoring and engaging with a male who was high on drugs throughout the day to ensure his safety.
• Shoplifter in a store removed and added to the City safe system.
• Removed a group of street drinkers from the Cathedral grounds, advised them on the PSPO in Gloucester.

• 30th Reacting to complaints about a known male who was harassing members of the public, this was reported several times to CCTV, eventually he was placed on a bus home.
• Requested to deal with a drunk male from one of the pubs in the City.
• Engaging with a street drinker who is a persistently begging in the City (not homeless).

• 31st Working with City PCSO with regards to a suspicious vehicle.
• Cleared an area in the centre of the City of drug taking equipment and correct disposal of several needles.
• Engaged with a group of male and females arguing in Eastgate Street, both groups separated and removed from the area.

August 2019 Stores Visited Welfare checks Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1


117 56 54 4 12 27 7 1
Week 2


201 113 73 7 21 23 18 7
Week 3


209 88 50 2 16 28 11 9
Week 4


161 104 65 4 15 42 15 6
Week 5


143 106 79 0 27 26 3 1
Total 831 467 321 17 91 146 54 24

£ 4,115.50 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in August 2019