Highlights for the Month

  • 1st– Monitored known shoplifters around the city.
  • Assist PCSO with a stop on two females who may have been involved in a crime, the two were arrested by police.  
  • 2ndAssisted City safe stores with several shoplift offences with advice and the issuing of yellow cards. All information added to the city safe system.
  • Located and assisted with a missing person, handed this person to relevant agencies. 
  • 3rd Monitored known shop lifters around the city and deterred them from committing offences.
  • Called to the Council Gateway to assist with an aggressive female, police took charge of this incident.
  • 4th Checked on all rough sleepers and moved them on from shop doorways, so that stores could be opened.
  • Called to assist with numerous shop lifting offences, yellow cards issued, and details added to the city safe system, returned items stolen from other stores. 
  • 5th Monitored known offenders around the city, one new face reported for shop lifting, all details have been added to city safe system.
  • Called to assist one of the charity stores after a member of the staff had been threatened by a male dumping his own household waste into the bins at the rear of the shop. All information passed onto the council and police.
  • 6th Assisted a young female in distress, had had an argument with an abusive partner. 
  • Removed an aggressive drunk male from one of the public space areas of the city.  
  • 7th Attended a briefing on a Police organised shoplifting prevention operation.
  • Assisted with numerous shoplifting offenders. Yellow cards and all information added to the city safe system.
  • Called to assist with a welfare case involving a person with mental health issues.
  • 8th Called to assist and advise on a theft at a city safe store.
  • Reported to the Police a breach of a CBO against a well-known offender.
  • Spotted and reported a known offender that was wanted by the Police, he was arrested.
  • 9th During the day assisted with several cases of shoplifting, all details have been added to city safe system.
  • Called to deal with a domestic dispute in the Southgate street area, the couple were separated and calmed down. Both left the town together.
  • 10th Called to assist a city safe store with a shoplifting offender, due to his young age he was handed over to the PCSOs and parents contacted, the goods were returned to store.
  • Called to assist with a shoplifting offence, the offender was arrested by police as he was still on licence from prison.
  • 11th Called to assist with a shoplifter in a city safe store, yellow cards have been issued and all details have been added to the system.
  • Welfare checks carried out on all street people and all beggars have been reported and moved on from the area.
  • 12th Monitored and removed street people out of doorways of stores, also moved the ones begging on the gate streets.
  • Called to attend several city safe stores to assist with shoplifters, yellow cards and store bans issued. All details on the city safe system.
  • 13thRemoved a street drinker from a public building for drinking alcohol on the premises.
  • Monitored street beggars and moved them on for begging on the gate streets.
  • Assisted with five shoplifting offences during the day, all issued yellow cards, and details added to the city safe system.
  • Removed a large group of teenagers, from local eating places for causing ASB. 
  • 14th Called to assist with four cases of shoplifting, within city safe stores, yellow cards issued to some, others had their parents called as below the age of 16 years old.
    Called to four separate cases to remove groups of teenagers who are causing disruption to city safe members premises. Police informed on all cases.
    Monitored the street beggars around the town, removing them each time when caught begging. Information being collected on each one for Street Aware. 
  • 15th Monitored all street begging, moved on the people begging on the gate streets.
  • Visited as many city safe stores in the city to deter shop lifting. 
  • 16th Deterred several known shoplifters throughout the day, added all details of individuals who are excluded from city safe stores.
  • Moved on street beggars from main gate street areas, all information recorded. 
  • 17th Attended a meeting to target anti-social behaviour in a city safe area.
  • Assisted an individual who serious welfare concerns were raised, police intervention needed and referred to them. 
  • 18th Welfare checks made on street people, had to involve professional agencies to one individual due to health problems.
    Called to assist with a shoplifter, yellow card issued, all details added to city safe.
    Assisted the police with a drunk in a store doorway.
    Removed groups of teenagers from city safe areas who were causing ASB/nuisance.
  • 19th Monitored the gate street areas for known offenders to deter shoplifting.
    Removed a drunk male from one of the city safe areas, he was removed from the establishment and a lift arranged to get him home
    A large amount of sleeping equipment that had been left unattended after several warnings to the owners were removed, this was becoming an eyesore and health hazard in the city centre.
  • 20th The whole team attended PSPO training with the City Council.
    Call to attend to city safe store for a detained shoplifter, yellow card issued, and Police called to deal with this offender.
  • 21st Welfare checks made on all street beggars and removed from the area.
    Assisted in the location and detention of a known offender who had breached his CBO order, so was arrested.
    Called to assist with a shoplifting offence and retrieved all goods back to the store concerned.
    Called to assist in removing a group of teenage males causing a disturbance in a city safe store.
  • 22nd Monitored all street people around the city, welfare checks carried out, all those that were begging were moved on from that area.
    Passed onto all city safe members all known shoplifting offenders and their locations at that time. CCTV to monitor them around the city.
  • 23rd Removed a known shoplifter from a city safe store, this was added to the city safe system as this person is on exclusion from member stores.
    Reported and removed to Big issue sellers from the city centre as they both had no licence to sell the big issue. 
  • 24th Called to check on identification of two individuals caught on CCTV committing shoplifting offences., both added to the system.
    Called to assist with two female shoplifters detained in a city safe store. Yellow cards issued and all details added to the system.
  • 25th Bank Holiday – Christmas day
  • 26th Bank Holiday – Boxing Day
  • 27th Removed two separate loads of sleeping equipment which had been set up in private areas, these areas were being used for drug taking.
    Monitored and passed over known offenders around the city.
  • 28th Monitored large groups of teenagers throughout the day, removed one group from an eating place in the city centre when a fight broke out. Police and PCSO called to deal. 
  • 29th Called to assist with a group of young girls who had changed bar code labels with cheaper prices on electrical equipment in store.
    Monitored groups of teenage males around the town causing ASB.
  • 30th Advice given to a city safe store who had an intruder in the back of shop being aggressive with the staff.
  • 31st Called to assist with several cases of shoplifting. All details have been added to the city safe system.


December 2019 Stores Visited  Welfare checks Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
01.12 28 8 11 0 2 2 0 0
Week 1


224 84 57 6 27 41 23 14
Week 2


245 86 41 8 20 27 15 11
Week 3


249 96 60 9 21 22 11 3
Week 4 


175 64 45 7 18 24 6 2
Week 5


77 21 15 4 1 9 4 2
Total 998 359 229 34 89 125 59 32

£ 3,909.00 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in December 2019