Highlights for the Month

• 1st- Criminal damage of a vehicle by youths on bikes witnessed by CCTV. CCTV informed CPOs- Stopped youth on bike in Southgate Street. Male was arrested.
• 2nd- Youths causing issues in McDonalds, Westgate Street on an evening shift. CPOs assisted, youths left the restaurant and area- NFA.
• 3rd- Issue with a street performer on gate street. CPOs noticed that the street performer was using flames and had no health and safety equipment or rope to cordon off the area. CPOs took advice from Council and no permission was granted.
• 4th- CPOs approached female in an alley near the city centre for a welfare check. The female handed over a bag of life to the CPOs full of stolen products. Goods was retrieved and returned to the correct stores- City safe profile updated.
• 5th- CPOs caught one of the top 3 shoplifting offenders in Debenhams- 2 jackets worth £240.00- Male was arrested and given bail conditions not enter the city centre.
• 6th- Prolific male detained by PCSO, CPOs assisted. Male was arrested for breaching bail conditions (same male from 5th). Male was remanded in custody.
• 7th- Kingswalk security inform CPOs of a large group on Market Parade arguing. CPOs arrived and dispersed the group as were intimidating. No offences- CCTV monitoring.
• 8th- CPOs walked around with a member from Project Solace, speaking to the homeless reference complaints of begging in the city.
• 9th- A well-known offender detained in TKMaxx for shop theft- Reasonable force was used as the male was violent. Male was arrested for shoplifting, going equipped and carrying a bladed article.
• 9th- Street drinker was severely intoxicated in the city. He was passed out in the gardens. CPOs contacted his sheltered accommodation who were unable to collect him. CPOs borrowed a wheelchair from Sainsburys and returned the male to his accommodation. The staff were very thankful to the CPOs.
• 10th- CPOs responded to a call reference a male leaving several holdalls unattended in a shopping centre. CCTV monitored and directed the CPOs to his location. CPOs returned the male to collect his baggage.

• 11th-Offender breaching her CBO detained for shoplifting. Female arrested by Police.• 12th- City safe members meeting attended – Lots a businesses in attendance.
• 12th- Offender detained for shoplifting, breach of CBO and common assault on CPOs- Male was arrested by police.
• 13th-Male refused to leave store in the city centre. CPOs and PCSO assisted. Male became aggressive and reasonable force was used to remove male from the store.
• 14th- CPOs assist PCSO with anti-Social youths on bikes in the city. Youths had a warning if it was reported again bikes would be seized and collected by parents.
• 15th- CPOs called in the evening regarding two street drinkers fighting near the regal. CPOs responded and defused the situation. CPOs separated the drinkers from the area. No police required.
• 16th- CPOs assist with a protest through the city ending at shire hall – All in order, protestors engaged with CPOs.
• 18th- CPOs assisted stores with five shoplifting offences- Well known Cheltenham offender was yellow carded.
• 19th- Council contacted by CPOs with reference to an empty unit’s intruder alarm sounding. Checked, all in order. Council will contact relevant person.
• 20th- Store radioed CPOs reference a male making threats in store. Male was last seen by CCTV leaving the city.

• 21st- CPOs witnessed an assault on Southgate street. CPOs detained the 12-year-old offender until police arrived.
• 22nd – CPOs had reports of two separate missing children within the city centre. Both children were reunited with their parents within minutes.
• 23rd – CPOs were alerted that a male was unconscious on the floor in the city. CPOs attended and made sure the male was okay. He showed signs of heavy intoxication and the CPOs ensured that he got home safely.
• 25th – CPOs issued red card paperwork and exclusion notices to repeat offender in the city.
• 26th – CPOs detained one of the top 10 offenders for shop theft. He was arrested. CPOs assisted with a missing 6-year-old boy in the city. Found safe and well.
• 27th – CPOs attended a charity shop within the city to ID a male that stole money from the till. Male was subsequently dealt with by police.

February 2019 Stores Visited Homeless Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1


95 15 1 0 12 20 5 2
Week 2


221 23 11 1 11 29 15 11
Week 3


179 31 2 3 8 28 6 5
Week 4


219 35 3 0 9 27 14 15
Week 5


134 23 18 0 2 7 3 1
Total 848 127 35 4 42 111 43 34

£2,942.29 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in February 2019