Highlights for the Month:

• 2nd October- Plain clothes Shop-lifting Op – 6 yellow cards issued.
• 4th October- CPO’s with Council Street Cleaner clean up area behind AG Meeks St Johns Lane.
• 5th October- Assist Asda with Known youth that is known for ASB in City.
• 6th October- identified two offenders for theft at Superdrug, welfare check on vulnerable female on Brunswick road for the police.
• 10th October – CPOs called to incident where allegations of a blade was seen. CPOs stopped group- police unable to attend- CPOs asked to see in bags and pockets which the group willing allowed CPOs to check- no blade found.
• 13th October- Female with CBO identified by CPOs shoplifting the city.
• 15th October- male found in builder’s vehicle on docks trying to steal tools. CPOs assisted viewed CCTV and identified the male for the police.
• 17thOctober- CPOs reported 3 new homeless faces in the city. Approached the homeless and provided them with relevant information.
• 19th October- CPOs found a “drug den” on Gouda Way. passed photos and information on to Sam HIGGINSON (ASB City Council) who was contacting the council to clear the area up.
• 20th October- CPOs assaulted. Welfare support completed, and police chased up.
• 21st,22nd and 23rd October- GL1 has had issued with youths trying to enter the establishment and cause ASB.
• 25th October- CPOs helped an 83-year-old female as she had fallen on the floor- Waited for emergency services (2 hours).
• CPOS stopped a well-known shoplifter in Clarence street as she was running away from the kings walk. They retrieved items that were stolen and returned to store- the store was unaware these items were missing.
• Group of youths causing Anti-social issues in Kings corner on Clarence street
• 26th October- Group of youths had been asked to leave Eastgate shopping centre for ASB- refused to leave- CPO was assaulted
• 28th October- identified well known shoplifter in new store Men kind
• 30th October- CPOs located missing person- very vulnerable

Retrieved a total of £914.16 in one month- one store.

Oct-18 Stores Visited Homeless Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1 198 22 12 4 8 14 5 6
Week 2 198 21 50 3 6 20 5 8
Week 3 160 22 16 6 4 20 7 5
Week 4 196 62 25 1 12 22 6 2
Total 752 127 103 13 30 76 23 21