The graph shows the data for February 2021, supplied by Gloucester City Safe

80 Police CCTV Incidents attended for January 2022

Highlights for the Month

  • 1stWelfare incident where a male was spoken to and escorted back to the hospital, he had left to get some fresh air and got confused.
  • The team were alerted to a stash of dirty used needles at the rear of a building, these were disposed of correctly in sharps bins and the whole area checked and cleared.
  • A known male was causing issues with security staff in Kings walk by constantly riding through on a skateboard and causing issues to shoppers and businesses. He has been spoken to on several occasions about his behaviour, police CCTV informed.
  • 2nd A group of street drinkers removed from Kings Square as they were being very vocal and being aggressive, which was concerning some of the passing public.
  • After an area of concern was checked, police were called to recheck a disused building as it is being used by drug users and homeless to sleep in.
  • Welfare check carried on following a report that a male had been beaten up, the male did not want to make a complaint or call the police, however, was advised to go to A&E as he may have a broken nose. The police were informed of all details including the name of the other male involved.
  • 3rd Called to assist a security guard in a city safe store as he had a female shoplifter detained. This female had the rest of her shopping checked and was processed through the yellow card system and added to DISC.
  • Called by CCTV to conduct a welfare check on a female who had spent the night on a bench outside of Bargain Buys. CPOs spoke with this female and found out she was lost and had no money to get home. We supported her and contacted a family member who pick her up. CCTV monitored this female and details obtained.
  • Looked for two missing people who had been reported missing during the day, neither were reported found by the end of the day.
  • 4th Street drinkers spoken to and moved on from the front of the Transport Hub.
  • CPOs passed on a male who is known to police, as he has now been banging on female car drivers’ windows begging for money. This has become his normal operation in the city and train station car parks.
  • Called to assist with a shoplifter who had managed to run off with stolen goods. The person was spotted, however was on a bike and got away. All details added to DISC.
  • 5th A male was removed from the toilet area for defecating against the door of the toilet in protest of having to pay 20p. the police advised him to leave and get on his bus.
  • Statements provided to police by CPOs regarding an assault from earlier to assist the investigation.
  • Two young female shoplifters detained by store; CPOs requested as they were under 16 years old. The total stolen was over £300.00, both girls’ parents were called to pick them up. Police informed due to value and criming.
  • 6th A well-known individual who has been harassing a lot of people and stores with his bad behaviour was reported again today. After the CPOs had spoken with him, he left the area but returned several times during the day. Statements and reports have been handed into the police for the start of an injunction/CBO.
  • Called to assist at the Transport Hub as a couple had too much luggage and were refusing to pay for the excess. After much debate, the couple decided to get a train instead.
  • 7th Welfare checks made on the individuals begging outside of eating places in town. Two persons woken up as they were sleeping across the front doors to a store wishing to open for the day.
  • A large group of street drinkers removed from the front entrance of the Transport Hub as they were being abusive by making inappropriate comments to passengers and upsetting people.
  • A male was removed from the train station as he was arguing with the staff, he then got into a car outside and drove off. No BTP in the area.
  • 8th Called to assist with a shoplifter who was becoming very aggressive after being asked for items he had concealed in his trousers. The male had run off by time CPOs and PCSO arrived. After checking the CCTV, the make was identified and added to the DISC system.
  • A male was moved on from a building as he was being aggressive to the occupant who had refused him entry into the building as the family were isolating due to Covid. He started to kick at the door. Damage was done and the owner will report via 101.
  • Two separate shoplifting incidents dealt with, both unknown offenders had got away with items. Added to DISC system for ID sought.
  • Called to assist with a male who had been caught with someone else’s credit card, he had been trying to pay for drinks on the card. Police informed of males’ details and card taken off him by pub staff and owner of card informed.
  • 9thWelfare checks made on a male who was having issues with his mental health, he is being housed but suffering a bit of paranoia. He has been supported and informed of safe places to go but chooses to walk the streets. CCTV informed and will monitor where possible.
  • CCTV put out an alert for concern for welfare of a male known to the team. CPOs checked all known places and circulated description to businesses to report as high risk.
  • Traveller’s riding pony and trap vehicles through town at a fast pace, advised to slow down and pick another route through the city, this advice was totally ignored, however they did slow down.
  • 10th First aid incident where an elderly male had tripped over, he hurt his right hand when he landed on it. He claimed he was ok; he was checked for further injuries there were a few grazes that were cleaned. CPOs arranged a taxi for him to go home as he was shaken.
  • Reports of a well-known shoplifter who had taken items from a store, CPOs tried to intercept him, but he managed to evade the team. The store advised to report all on 101 as the individual also has a live CBO.
  • Spoke to and removed two people aggressively begging on Eastgate Street, Gloucester.
  • 11th The team were asked to step in and speak to two people having a domestic argument over money. Both advised about the situation being in a public place and causing a scene, and how to go about it legally as a civil dispute.
  • A female was detained for shoplifting in a city safe store, with items removed without payment. This female had other items that had been stolen from other stores with her. All details taken and added to DISC. No police resources available.
  • 12th A male individual had been causing issues around the city that CPOs have been asked to assist with. The incidents ranged from being rude to staff in stores, to drunken threats of violence against others. Police informed and they will monitor.
  • 13th A male was spoken to about his behaviour, he was hanging around areas which he has been red carded and banned from.
  • Assisted the police with a male who was becoming very agitated when his scooter was
  • Looked around the city for a male who was wanted by the police.
  • Checked on a group of young females who were alleged to be rolling and smoking cannabis c. On arrival there were no indication of this as first reported.
  • 14th Removed two people begging outside of a city safe store, they have been there all morning and the store had reported complaints from shoppers.
  • Spoke to an individual who has been red carded, which is to stop him harassing female staff members in several stores. He has been seen hanging around the areas of these stores and was reminded of the rules of the red card.
  • Groups of males moved on as they were beginning to get aggressive with other groups of lads, causing Anti-social behaviour, shouting at each other, and making threats.
  • A male was removed from one of the public toilets in the city, he had been taking drugs and had become extremely aggressive towards the security guard. As the male was also wanted by the police, they were informed and came and arrested him.
  • 15th A known male who has a CBO banning him from the city centre was spotted and reported as being in breach of his live CBO.
  • All CPO teams called into the city to assist with looking for a lost 5-year-old child, the child was found very quickly and reunited with the parents.
  • 16th A Shoplifter was deterred in one of the larger city safe stores, this male was asked to remove clothing items he had in a bag and leave the store.
  • A Shoplifter was stopped on the street after leaving a store with clothing he had not paid for. All items retrieved and he was advised to leave the city. CCTV informed and monitored him to his car.
  • A drunk male was moved on from Kings square area, he was shouting and making rude comment as people walked past.
  • 17th A well-known shoplifter was seen in a store he is banned from, he has been reported for the breach, but later found out he stolen items also. This was all added to DISC and the police informed.
  • Stopped and returned a female shoplifter who had entered several stores and had been caught loading a bag full of clothing items, all the items returned. This female then continued to several other stores and made similar attempts to steal. Off-duty police officer finally arrested her and police turned up to take her to the cells.
  • First aid was given to an elderly male who had fallen over at the taxi rank, nothing major, a few grazes which were cleaned and plastered.
  • 18th A large toolbox was found in a carpark unattended, the company who it belonged to were called, they sent someone to collect it from the CPOs.
  • Called to attend an argument between two females, they were separated, and the issues discussed, both females were sent off in different directions.
  • A report from a member of the public led to the police removing a hammer and a baseball bat from a hidden location.
  • 19th Assisted the police with a community task, personnel attack alarms were given out to stores and female staff. This was in response to a survey that had been conducted earlier and part of the Police and Crime prevention plan.
  • A drunk male and two people spray painting the walls of the underpass were removed from this area. The spray paint tins were removed from the males and details obtained.
  • Called to identify an individual from CCTV footage following a shoplifting offence carried out earlier in the day. The person was named and added to DISC, due to the person being on a live CBO police were informed.
  • 20th Called to identify a person who had attempted to steal from a city safe store. This person’s name was added to DISC and police informed of the offence.
  • A group of street drinkers were removed from the train station area as they were becoming a nuisance to other passengers entering the station.
  • Moved on and monitored a large group of teenagers, this group were causing anti – social issues wherever they went. CCTV informed and monitored them on camera.
  • Street beggars were moved on several occasions from the areas of the cash points. The beggars have been spoken to repeatedly over time, however, have taken no notice.
  • 21st Welfare check conducted on a drunk male, he had become extremely aggressive, and he was advised to move from his location in the city centre.
  • A second drunk male was removed from the Transport Hub, he was trying to sell a magazine to people, when they refused, he was rude to them and aggressive.
  • A large crowd of drinkers removed from the area of Station Road as they were being very loud and rude to people going past them. CPOs had received complaints from people.
  • Two groups of females were separated as they were becoming very vocal towards each other, this was becoming a nuisance to people around the area and CPOs moved the groups on and advised reference causing a scene and distress to the public.
  • 22nd Street beggars moved on as they were hassling people as they went past.
  • Two large groups of teenagers roaming around the town, both groups were causing issues of anti–social behaviour around the town.
  • Attended a large fight, one group of the teenagers had cornered a male who allegedly had stolen a bike, the brawl was stopped by the CPOs and the large group moved off when police turned up. All information was passed to the police reference the bike theft allegation.
  • 23rd Monitored the city centre and all city safe areas. Made checks with store managers and staff to see how things were going under the safety and security BID banner.
  • Called to assist one store who had a female arguing and refusing to leave the store. The lady had walked off before the arrival of the CPOs. Radio communications with the store and CCTV.
  • 24th Welfare check was conducted on a female who was seen to be distressed in Kings walk. After talking to the lady, the police were called as she was making threats to harm herself. Police attended and took the lady back to her care home.
  • A well-known shoplifter was seen entering a city safe store, the CPOs went in and deterred him from stealing items.
  • A Female shoplifter was detained by store security, Police were called because she started fighting with the guard, CPOs arrived and detained her until police arrived.
  • 25th A male sniffing gas and being a nuisance was removed from the Transport Hub.
  • A Drunk male was removed from the platform of the train station, he was shouting and being rude to people. He was informed he had to sober up before he would be allowed onto a train again.
  • Reported two street beggars onto DISC as they have been warned repeatedly.
  • 26th Two males were detained during the day for shoplifting, both yellow carded, one was wanted by police, however no one was available to attend.
  • Two street beggars were removed from their present positions as they were by cashpoint machines.
  • CCTV put out observations for a missing person, the CPOs checked all likely locations for this individual.
  • 27th Two males stole several bottles of alcohol but were seen by a member of the store staff, one of the shoplifters threatened the staff member with a bottle and then made his escape. CCTV was checked but both males were unknown at this time. DISC ID sought put out.
  • Welfare checks conducted with two very drunk males, known to CPOs, and advised with no further issues.
  • A Male was reported to the police as he was selling bottles of spirits with security tags on the bottles. Police CCTV decided to monitor him on camera.
  • 28th Concern for welfare incident came through, a male was having and causing issues in a pub, CPOs attend and managed to calm him down. They arranged with the PCSOs to get the man a lift to GRH for them to check him over.
  • CPOs attended a fight in another pub in the city, a drunk male had been involved with other people inside. In a rage he had broken the front window, Police were called and arrested the male.
  • 29th Assisted police with the Anti-Vax march through town, also whilst it was at the GRH. No issues to report.
  • CCTV sent out a cause for concern over a male who had taken more than his recommended dosage of medication. This male was spoken to by police but continued to raise concerns and had to be removed from several stores due to his intimidating behaviour.
  • Large group of Teenagers who were being disruptive and rude to staff were removed from one of the eating places in town. This large group is becoming a cause for concern. Police have been given all information on this group and will be discussed at next “On my patch” meeting.
  • 30th A Male who has been put out for observations was seen and then reported to police via CCTV, who then monitored him around town.
  • A known shoplifter was reported for an attempt to steal, he was caught by store staff and goods retrieved, all details have been added to DISC.
  • A Large amount of clothing goods were snatched from a city safe store, the male involved got away and into a car. This car was followed and stopped by police in Stroud.
  • 31st Welfare incident, it was noticed that one of our vulnerable individuals was being walked to a bank, whilst the individual left the bank, he immediately gave money to a second person. CCTV informed, and police made a check on both to ensure nothing was untoward.
  • Welfare check made on an elderly lady who looked as if she was in distress, she had lost her wallet and all her cards, assistance given by the CPOs to cancel cards, and we got the lady home.


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