More than a few businesses have now saved double the cost of their BID contribution in reduced business and commercial costs. A free consultation and inspection of your bills is proving very worthwhile for lots of BID Area businesses.

Sevale Engineering Ltd have recently been working with Advantage Buying. We are a local company who took up Gloucester BID’s offer of a free cost reduction service from Advantage Buying.

“Following a meeting with Advantage Buying they have proved themselves to be knowledgeable and helpful. So far Advantage Buying have been able to generate substantial savings on our electricity supply a total of 15.37%, £1,373.79 per annum and 30.34%, £355.32 per annum on our telecoms contract. A total of £3,813.54 over the contract terms.

On top of these savings Advantage Buying have been able to help us to find additional services that were required but not yet in place with other local businesses. I would be very happy to recommend Advantage Buying and hope that they would be able to help other Companies as they have done with us.” Sevale Engineering Ltd.

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