Highlights of the month

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

A vulnerable male known to CPOs for previous ASB has been brought to their attention multiple times this month regarding altercations with groups of youths. CPOs have dealt with this male and protected him each time he is brought to their attention by CCTV and other security officers. Police assisted in helping the CPOs get in contact with the males mother, she has been more than helpful in dealing with him and removing him from the City when needed. Will be monitored.

ASB reports involving males on bikes, in and around the KFC, McDonald’s and around the Cavern has reduced dramatically. City Safe Manager has been to visit businesses who have seen a decrease in ASB.

Shoplifting offences

During the week of 20th – 27th September was the most successful week to date for the CPOs on catching and dealing with shoplifters. CPOs issuing 20 new yellow cards, to both new and old offenders.

There have also been hundreds of pounds donated to charities such as children in need and McMillan cancer support, donated by shoplifters willing to pay for the goods they have tried to steal in the form of Restorative Justice (RJ).

New Members to City Safe

Waterways Museum- Gloucester Docks

Soldiers of Gloucester Museum- Gloucester Docks

Angies bar- Bull Lane

JD Sports – Eastgate shopping centre

Poundland – Southgate street

Other Business

1st – Vulnerable female in McDonald’s was harassed and brought to tears by a group of drunk men. CPO’s attended and comforted the female then searched for the men accused. CPO’s found them and informed them they are being monitored and would be appreciated if they left the city and continue their night elsewhere.

5th – Prolific Shoplifter detained by CPO’s in Chambers after confirming he was wanted from police CCTV. Make was approached in Chambers toilets by CPO’s and detained in their entrance area until police arrived.

7th – Gods of Ink on Brunswick Road had part of its property inhabited by an unknown person, the property was left in a disgusting condition. The area that is used as a fire exit to mental health service in the upstairs of the building. There was human faeces, needles and knives found in the area. The council and the property owners could not come to an agreement regarding the issue so CPO’s stepped up and cleaned it on behalf of everyone.

9th – CPOs greeted the new students that have moved into the city’s new university compass.

13th – CPOs detained an illegal immigrant for shoplifting in Sports Direct. Police were very keen to investigate him and showed up immediately.

16th – CPOs spotted a new vulnerable male homeless on the streets. CPOs spoke to relevant agencies and arranged accommodation for the night and signposted for support.

18th – CPOs helped a store detain a shoplifter that had visited the store 5 times in 1 week and stole up to £444.84.

21st- CPOs found some Class A and Class B drugs, these were discarded with the appropriate authority.

21st- CPOs detained 3 shoplifters in 1 store in 1 day

22nd– CPOs identified a wanted male within the City. Police CCTV followed male to his residence.

21st– 27th CPOs issued 20 yellow cards within  a one week period.

Sept 2018 Stores Visited Homeless Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1 196 22 25 2 4 10 3 0
Week 2 185 34 8 0 2 10 7 1
Week 3 171 24 19 3 5 25 12 8
Week 4 196 25 12 2 5 42 15 17
Total 748 105 64 7 16 67 37 26

Police CCTV Incidents attended for September – 86

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