Highlights for the Month

• 1st- Request from store to carry out an identification on a shoplifter, person identified and added to city safe system.
• Member of the public reported he had found a charity box that had been broken into, the box was returned to owners.
• 2nd- Gloucester Park area was checked, member of the public reported of having found a handmade weapon in the child’s play area, this was checked, and no weapon was found.
• 3rd- Dealt with a pair of well- known group being very abusive to members of the public whilst begging. They were also abusive to CPOs, who were trying to move them on.
• Assisted with a welfare check on a person who was later picked up by the Police.
• 4th- On request assisted with a shoplifter who was detained in store – Police called. A yellow card was issued, and the person added to the City safe system.
• Moved on a group of street drinkers throughout the day – breaching PSPO.
• Patrolled the perimeter of the city area, checks made on all street people in those areas.
• 5th- At the request of several City safe stores assisted with shoplifting offences, helped with the issuing of yellow cards and identifying several shoplifters. All were either known or added to the City safe system.
• Welfare checks made on a couple of vulnerable street drinkers.
• 6th- Dealing with complaints from members of the public about an individual harassing them around the city.
• Assisted with a shoplifting issue in a City store.
• Assisted the city council with a fire door issue which allowed rough sleepers to gain access to secured areas.
• 7th- On request assisted with known shoplifters several times during the day.
• Antisocial behaviour varying from youth disorder to drunk males.
• Assisting with the street people being threatened, sorting out arguments.
• 8th- Monitoring known shoplifters around the city.
• At the request of stores reviewing CCTV footage of shoplifters, when known adding onto the City safe system.
• 9th- Welfare checks made on all street people, also referred one individual to seek medical advice on her behalf.
• At the request of a store sorted out an access problem with a fire escape.
• 10th- Known Shoplifter caught and arrested in a City Safe store.
• Welfare issues dealt with for person who was having problems.
• 11th- Assisted with a known shoplifter who was arrested on warrant.
• Requested to assist with a shoplifter, who was detained by the shop security. Yellow card issued and added to the City safe system.
• Monitored several known shoplifters around the town, working alongside the Police CCTV.
• 12th- Assisted with a known shoplifter, all details added to city safe system. Advice and yellow cards given to this store, explained the procedure for adding offenders.
• Medical assistance given to a female choking on a roll, nothing serious.
• Working with police CCTV, assisted with monitoring several known offenders throughout the day.
• 13th-Attended partnership meeting with the City Safe manager.
• Engaged with a group of youths who were riding cycles in a dangerous manner among pedestrians in the city centre.
• On request identified a shoplifter for a City Safe store.
• Monitoring with the aid of the Police CCTV known offenders during the day.
• Assisted CCTV with a suspected stolen bicycle.
• 14th- Assisted Police with the identification of an individual they were having issues with.
• Passed details on reference a missing 17-year-old female, assisted CCTV and searched most of the day for this individual.
• Requested by Police CCTV to attend an RTC in the City and assist Police.
• Assisted with the detention of a wanted person.
• 15th- Received information from a concerned parent about a missing 15-year-old female, Police already informed, this information was passed on through to all security guards in the city area.
• Request to assist a shoplifting identification in a City Safe store. Two known shoplifters named. Store to 101 as a crime and add details to the City safe system.
• 16th- Attended a meeting with the Big Issue management.
• Assisted a young mother with her baby who had breathing problems, paramedics called. Mother and baby went to GRH.
• Requested to attend several shoplifting incidents, yellow cards were issued, and positive identifications given.
• Informed Police CCTV of a wanted male and continued to monitor this individual for the Police until arrested.
• 17th Assisted the Police in the apprehension of a wanted male offender.
• Police statements written and handed into the Police reference several incidents.
• Called to assist a City Safe store following a large shoplifting offence.
• 18th- Requested to identify a shoplifter from store CCTV.
• Welfare check on male in a wheelchair, turned out he was intoxicated, advice given.
• Assisted in identifying several shoplifting offenders throughout the day.
• 19th- Assisted on request to identify several shoplifting offenders.
• Welfare checks on persons found and supported CCTV.
• Removed a group of youths on a carpark roof causing ASB.
• 20th- Assisted in several welfare cases around the city and managed to resolve the issues, referring some to partner agencies.
• Intervened in a domestic dispute in a store, both persons were separated, and situation calmed down.
• Located and reported to council an open area which had public access that had needles (used) hidden in the bracken and grass.
• Assisted Police with the arrest of a wanted male.
• 21st- Intervened in an argument between a male and female, they were separated and sent on their way.
• CPOs talked a young lady off the parapet of the top floor of Long smith’s car park, referred to mental health professions.
• 22nd Welfare checks made on a new person sleeping rough in the city, streetlink referral.
• Stopped a female who was changing barcodes on clothing and items for less money.
• Assisted and identified several shoplifters during the day.
• 23rd Assisted a City Safe store in stopping several shoplifters, retrieving some stock however the group managed to get away.
• Meeting with the Big Issue manager regarding several sellers in the city.
• 24th Removed teenagers who were harassing staff in a store.
• Caught a shoplifter in action, all goods retrieved and added to city safe system.
• CPOs were called by the Police to assistance in the safe removal of a live snake which had been abandoned. Snake is now safe and well in local reptile shop.
• 25th Monitoring the city for a missing person.
• Assisted upon request from a store in dealing with shoplifters reported.
• Reported a site that was being used by drug takers who have been leaving needles and drug taking equipment lying around. Area cleared up.
• 26th On request assisted with the identification of several shoplifting incidents throughout the day. All added to the city safe system
• Monitored several well-known offenders around the City.
• 27th Monitored several known shoplifters who were roaming the city.
• Apprehended a shoplifter in store who was in the act of stealing, all goods returned, and yellow card issued.
• Met with Nova Event Medics and patrolled the gate streets as an introduction to the area. Team carrying out a four-week trial with the night-time economy.
• 28th Welfare check made on a man in a wheelchair, turned out it was a known person who was drunk. Moved to a safe area and requested he stopped begging (not homeless).
• Assisted on request with the identification of a shoplifter, added to the city safe system.
• Called by CCTV to an argument on the gate street, dispute between a group of females was sorted out, CCTV informed and monitored all parties.
• Called to a female causing a nuisance in the City, she continued causing issues throughout the day.
• 29th Requested to assist with a female shoplifter who was also very drunk, yellow card issued and entered on to the city safe system.
• Monitoring several known offenders during the day and deterred some from entering stores.
• 30th Various businesses visited, reminded of City Safe meeting on 1st October.


September 2019 Stores Visited Welfare checks Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1


212 107 80 2 18 23 16 5
Week 2


268 94 48 4 12 32 13 2
Week 3


255 95 50 4 12 39 13 2
Week 4


283 100 54 4 21 41 12 2
Week 5


31 7 4 1 1 6 0 0
Total 1048 403 236 15 64 141 54 11

£ 2,253.92 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in September 2019