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Hello! We're on Northgate Street


12 minutes ago
O2 in the UK @O2
@omlette1983 Thanks, we're hoping to have an update for you soon, we'll be back in touch as quickly as we can.
27 minutes ago
O2 in the UK @O2
@lifeofvanisha Okay Vanisha 😞 Please can you drop us a DM with the mobile number in question? We can then help further. Thanks in advance. https://t.co/5pyLDJBC6r
28 minutes ago
O2 in the UK @O2
@jerrymandarin We're sorry you feel this way, Jerry. You're charged for the initial connection, not per minute like other premium rate numbers. Therefore, it would come out of your monthly allowance.
37 minutes ago
O2 in the UK @O2
@sean94tobin Sorry if it's not been made clear when you've contacted us for help Sean. If you ordered online, the expected wait time would have showed throughout your order journey. Please watch out for a text/email once yours is dispatched.