Highlights for the Month

  • 1stNo staff in today.
  • 2ndCalled to deal with a shoplifting offence, two offenders managed to get away with the goods, after identification the offenders were caught, and goods retrieved.  CPOs and police working together in partnership – Email of praise received. 
  • Involved in a welfare incident, offered advice and support to a female, took her to a partner agency who could help and support her. 
  • 3rdCalled to assist with a shoplifter who had become violent after being detained.    All details have been added to Citysafe Disc.
  • Called to assist other security officers in dealing with teenagers causing a disorder, several arrested for assault.
  • 4th Called to assist with a shoplifter caught in store, dealt with by store security all details added to Citysafe Disc.
  • Monitoring several large groups of teenagers around the city causing low level ASB.
  • 5th Called to assist in the identification of two female shop lifters who managed to get away with stolen items, police informed. One was located with the CPOs support and arrested by police – All goods retrieved.
  • 6th Called to assist with a female who was being followed by two male youths, the female’s parents were called, and the incident was recorded through on 101 system.
  • Assisted a Citysafe store with two female shoplifters, goods retrieved, and all details added to the Disc system.
  • A group of known offenders were monitored and deterred from Citysafe stores around town.
  • 7th Attended a street aware multi agency meeting in relation to street beggars, letters of concern being issued by Police to persistent offenders.
  • Monitored groups of youths around town causing low level ASB.
  • 8th Assisted a Citysafe store member who had detained a young teenager shop lifting, goods retrieved but also in possession of drugs and alcohol. Police called and arrested him. All details have been added to Disc.
  • Called to assist with a female shoplifter, all details taken, and yellow card issued.   
  • 9th Monitored several known shoplifting offenders around the city throughout the day, supported by police CCTV.
  • Attended a Citysafe premises due to an ongoing argument, waited to ensure no further escalation of trouble.
  • Called to assist with shoplifting offences, yellow cards issued, and details added to Disc.
  • 10th Reported and located a missing person, reunited the couple and ensured they got home safely.
  • Attended several reported shoplifting offences, issued yellow cards and added details to the Disc system.
  • Called to attend to a situation where a member of store staff had been threatened, the individual was removed from the area and police informed.
  • 11th Called to assist with four female shoplifters, all yellow carded and reported to police.
  • Assisted the police during a youth disorder situation.
  • Removed an aggressive male causing trouble outside one of the night -time economy venues.
  • 12th Called to assist with the identification of a shoplifter in a Citysafe store.
  • Spoke with a large group of youths who were riding their bicycles in a dangerous manner.
  • 13thCalled to assist with a shoplifter, all details added to Disc.
  • Removed drug addicts away from a fire exit area of a store and clean up drug taking equipment.
  • 14thIdentified a bike thief stealing from the student area for police.
  • Called to assist with shoplifters from several Citysafe stores, adding all details to the Disc system.
  • Assisted with a male who had mental health issues, he was guided to where he could receive proper care and attention. 
  • 15th Assisted by locating a wanted male offender, led to the arrest of this individual.
  • Assisted with a pair of shoplifters, detained and details added to the Disc system, Police arrived to deal with the pair. 
  • 16th Called to assist with a missing person, who was then found very quickly with the aid of CCTV and manpower. Reunited with their family.
  • Called to identify a Shoplifter and all details added to the Disc system.
  • 17th Dealing with large groups of young teenagers, male and female who were being a nuisance around town.
  • Team members attend training sessions on mental health.
  • 18th Attended to a Citysafe store to assist with female shoplifters, yellow cards issued all the details added to the Disc system.
  • Called to assist during a fight breaking out with a very large group of teenagers, male and females, the fight was broken up and all the group were removed from the venue area. Police arrived and detained one of the individuals who was fighting.
  • 19th. Called to assist with a shoplifter, goods were recovered, there were also police involved as a retail crime operation was ongoing during this time.
  • 20th Called to assist with three shoplifting offences, all yellow carded and details added to the Disc system.
  • Welfare case escalated to medical issue and paramedics called, individual was then taken to hospital.
  • Called to assist in the removal of a teenager who refused to leave a venue, police called following several more instances of this nature, this person was then detained by the police.
  • 21st Called to assist with the identification of a shoplifter who was then arrested for this offence and other offences in the City.
  • Caught and detained a shoplifter, who was then arrested by police.
  • 22nd Located a missing person and reported to police who arrived to reunite him with family.
  • Called to assist with several cases of shoplifting, details added to Disc system.
  • 23rd The team attended a meeting for anti-social behaviour and possible remedial actions to be taken.
  • Meeting and chat with PCC Martin Surl and DPP Chris Brierley.
  • Removed a group taking drugs in Long Smith car park, body camera footage has been handed over to the police.
  • 24th Team attended a training session on Mental health and Hate crime.
  • Called to a Citysafe store to identify a shoplifter of the CCTV footage.
  • Locate and reported a known offender breaching his CBO, all details added and reported to 101.
  • Attended a first aid incident with a male who had forgotten to take his medication. Ambulance called and attended.
  • 25th Monitored several known offenders around the City deterring them from entering Citysafe premises.
  • Called to attend to two very large groups of teenagers who were either wanting or waiting for a fight, police informed.
  • 26th Called to attend two Citysafe stores for shoplifting offences, yellow cards issued, and all details added to the disc system.
  • Welfare issues as there was concerns for a known person, due to the weather and cold – liaised with partner agencies.
  • 27th Called to assist with a shoplifter who had left the store, person detained, and items returned, police informed.
  • Detained a known offender shoplifting, who also breached his CBO. All details went to the police, no resourced available.
  • 28th Assisted with and located a missing lady who was reported missing, reunited with her husband.
  • Called to assist with several incidents of shoplifting, the offenders had left the scene before the CPOs arrived, however CPOs identified the offenders in each incident.
  • Removed a group of drinkers from the Southgate bus stop area.
  • 29th Called to deal with five incidents of shoplifting, one concerning an aggressive shoplifter with his family, police called and dealt with this incident.
  • Assisted with several groups of teenagers causing ASB, removed them from areas where they were causing issues in.
  • Assisted police with a report of a fight, a very large group of teenagers were inciting trouble.
  • 30th Called to assist with several shoplifting offences, one with mental health issues, the police team were called to deal with this incident.
  • Assisted the police with a large group of youths fighting and causing a disturbance in a main street.
  • 31st Called in to identify shoplifters, and to assist with the detention of a shoplifter.
  • Dealt with a small group of teenagers causing ASB.
January 2020

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Welfare checks

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£ 4,188.75 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in January 2020