Highlights for the Month

  • 1st CPOs Conduct Welfare visits to Businesses around City Centre.
    CPOs catch up with well known offender who has been very active shoplifting, issued yellow card, advice given if individual continues to offend reference exclusion.
  • 2ndCPOs assist store staff as they remove very intoxicated male from store who was being verbally aggressive to staff and general public.
  • 3rd CPOs engage with known youth offender, advice given and lots of positive engagement from the individual.
  • 3rd CPOs assist Organisation in the City, concerns from staff of an individual’s welfare were raised, CPOs talked with individual and took them to an agency for Support.
  • 3rd CPOs assist member of Public who had fallen and injured face on Westgate Street, First Aid applied. Taxi arranged for individual to get home safely.
  • 4th CPOs assist members of public with a male that was having Epileptic fit on the Gate Streets, CPOs made a clear pathway for Ambulance to arrive and help individual due to the City Centre being very busy with pedestrians.
  • 4th CPOs assist Police CCTV and locate intoxicated male who appeared to have been drinking heavily and taken medication whilst drinking, CPOs remained with the individual until Paramedics arrived.
  • 4th CPOs assist City venue as reports of a male being assaulted and required first aid treatment. CPOs assisted, helped the individual and remained with them until Police and Paramedics arrived.
  • 5th CPOs Locate High-Risk Vulnerable individual, CPOs remain nearby and monitor the individual until Police arrived to deal.
  • 5th CPOs are stopped by three Youths that claimed to have been followed by older persons in a vehicle, CPOs advised the group to report the incident to Police and if it happens again to call 999. CPOs contacted Police Control and informed them of this incident and provided reassurance to the youths.
  • 6th CPOs assist an Organisation with an individual that was very upset and agitated, CPOs eventually calm the individual down and he leaves the area in a peaceful manor.
  • 6th CPOs received a call from a City Safe member, reporting an altercation with a family at the venue’s carpark. CPOs attended and all parties separated, and situation defused before Police arrival.
  • 7th CPOs attend Street aware meeting Regarding ASB, Street Drinkers and Beggars in City.
  • 7th CPOs and City Safe Manager meet with BBC Gloucestershire to discuss Shoplifting in the City. This was aired on BBC Radio several days later.
  • 7th CPOs engage with known Youth offender; CPOs spend a considerable amount of time with the offender explaining the consequences of their actions and what will happen if the behaviour continues.
  • 8th CPOs assist Shopping Centre Security with a female who was refusing to leave store. She was trying to exchange and swap old items and did not have the correct receipts. CPOs removed female from Store and alerted Police CCTV, as this female has history for this kind of behaviour in a neighbouring area.
  • 8th CPOs are alerted by members of the public of a female that was outside a hotel in City Centre in a wheelchair and looked very unwell. Concerns for Welfare and CPOs stayed with female until Police arrived, who then took over and assisted the lady and daughter in obtaining the correct help.
  • 8th CPOs assist City Store with a Youth offender, Youths parents contacted, store ban & Yellow warning card issued.
  • 9th CPOs assist City Safe Member, by reviewing CCTV and identifying known offender for a theft offence.
  • 9th CPOs remove known offender who is banned from Premises for previous thefts, individual removed, all City Safe members and Police CCTV alerted over the radio.
  • 10th CPOs assist City Safe member and help them identify known City offender that had been involved of a thefts from store.
  • 10th CPOs assist store security with Detaining 2 x known prolific offenders for a theft in store, 1 x offender was in breach of CBO and other was on a recall back to prison. Police called and attended.
  • 10th CPOs locate stolen bike and identify offenders that took it, Police CCTV updated. CPOs try to locate offenders, however managed to evade CPOs.
  • 11th CPOs removed 2 x well known beggars from their location, Public Realm reports completed.
  • 11th CPOs calm down 2 x females who were having an altercation in the City, both left in a calmer manor.
  • 11th CPOs assist store in detaining 2 x youths for theft of Beauty products and other items, both issued store ban, yellow card issues and parents notified.
  • 11th CPOs called to business in the City whereby 2 x new beggars from out of town were reported to be aggressively begging near premises and causing issues for general public. CPOs engaged with them and Police CCTV made aware.
  • 12th CPOs attended a first Aid incident in the City where a member of public had fallen and injured head, Taxi was called, ambulance was cancelled as the time scale was over 1-hour. CPOs advised the individual to seek medical attention.
  • 13thCPOs patrol local park area and spot an altercation between a group of known youths, CPOs defuse the situation and all parties move from area and separated.
  • 13th CPOs check all Pedlars in City Centre making sure the correct documents and licences are in date and that they are fully aware of the City Rules for Peddling.
  • 13th CPOs assist elderly lady that had fallen and injured her head, CPOs apply first aid and advise lady to get head looked at. CPOs remain with the lady until Daughter collected, no paramedics required.
  • 13th CPOs make stop on female in Kings Square that had earlier stolen items from same store, she was issued yellow card, given a store ban. Female was also in breach of CBO, she was later released and advised to leave the City Centre as no police resources.
  • 14th CPOs assist elderly lady that had fallen in the street, first aid administered by CPOs and lady is helped to be collected by her daughter and is also advised to get head wound checked out.
  • 14th CPOs approached by a male in the City that had serious concerns for his lady friend, CPOs obtain all the details/description from the male and informed Police. CPOs assist in trying to locate the lady and is later informed that she had taken the bus and made her own way home, male was updated and was very happy and relieved.
  • 15th CPOs assist local store security detaining 2 x females that had stolen items from store and did not pay before leaving, both females issued yellow card and store ban, they were later removed and advised to leave City Centre.
  • 15th CPOs locate high-risk vulnerable female with the assistance of Kings Walk Security CCTV, female is then handed over to Police and support team in order to keep safe.
  • 16th CPOs assist local store by stopping 2 x females that had stolen several items including cosmetics. Items also stolen from other stores, both females were from Cheltenham. Issued store ban & yellow cards.
  • 16th CPOs assist female that had reported her 8-year old son had gone missing, all information gathered, and CPOs cover large area to try and locate the young person. Police CCTV inform CPOs that the boy has been located safe and well.
  • 17th CPOs stop group of males in City that were selling possible stolen items to the general public, CPOs retrieved some stock and obtained money taken which was returned to member of public, CPOs removed males from City and items were taken to Local Police Station.
  • 17th CPOs assist member of public that had a nasty fall and injured his head, CPOs carried out first-aid treatment and waited for Paramedics.
  • 17th CPOs engage with known male who is vulnerable and claims that he wanted to leave the city, male had bags and other items with him. CPOs gave him helpful advice and alert the PCSOs in the area about concerns for welfare. CPOs assist male onto his bus and decided to meet the male on the next day to confirm his well-being, signposted to support agencies.
  • 18th CPOs carry out welfare checks on various City Safe members, making sure Radios and DISC access is all in order and if any issues for concern.
  • 18th CPOs assist local supermarket Security with a known female offender, female issued Yellow card and given store ban, female was also arrested by Police.
  • 21st – CPOs receive call to attend Local Council Offices as reports of a Homeless male refusing to leave the building, City Safe Manager and Security on site. CPOs had previous dealing with same male and CPOs remove male from the premises, issued him all the help and advice of where he can go to receive help, male was not very co-operative, he was abusive and eventually moved away from the area.
  • 22nd CPOs assisted sports store by removing aggressive male from store, male was being aggressive towards staff. CPOs issued him yellow card due to the nature of his behaviour and male is advised to leave the area.
  • 22ndCPOs assist Gloucester BID with the distribution of leaflets to all businesses within the BID area for the forthcoming Tall Ships event.
  • 22nd CPOs assist store by detaining male for theft of fragrances, male is issued yellow card and store ban also issued, male is arrested.
  • 23rd- CPOs assist PCSO who sighted a wanted male, CPOs engage with the male until officers attend to arrest the male.
  • 24thCPOs carry out City Safe members welfare checks, checking all Radios and DISC access and answering any concerns raised by the members.
  • 24th – CPOs assist City Safe member with PCSO stopping a female that had stolen items from store, the female was wanted on warrant and was later arrested.
  • 24th CPOs again assist the same store with PCSO, as known male offender is stopped in store for attempted theft.
  • 24thCPOs assist PCSO with troubled male youth, who was removed from premises for being aggressive, male then threatened PCSO and was then restrained until he calmed down, male was issued Section 35 order by Police not to enter the City for 24 hours.
  • 25th CPOs remove found Drug Paraphernalia that was found by member of public, all items disposed of safely.
  • 25th CPOs remove known beggar who was previously on CBO away from the City for aggressive begging.
  • 26th CPOs assist store Security with male that entered store with push bike, male was seen concealing low value item and then leaves without paying for item only to walk into CPOs. Male is detained, and yellow card issued and store ban and is removed from store.
  • 26thCPOs receive call regarding male that is refusing to leave local Gym and is becoming aggressive. CPOs attend and Police were already on-site. Male is later arrested.
  • 26thCPOs spot male that had been given conditions not to be in the city centre, CPOs assist with PCSOs and detain male who is later arrested for breach of bail conditions.
  • 27thCPOs assist Police CCTV with monitoring known offender by deterring male and making sure male leaves city centre without any offences.
  • 29th CPOs speak with well known Youth offender, reminds them of their conditions not to be in the City, CPOs advise that she needs to leave city straight away.
  • 30thCPOs receive call via the City Safe Radio from PCSOs that reports of concerns for welfare of a male near superstore carpark. CPOs attend and find a male that was intoxicated, CPOs retrieve all information from the male and makes sure male leaves area safely.
  • 31stCPOs receive call from the support agency as concerns for a female was made as female became very distressed. CPOs attend and eventually calms the female down but other concerns for welfare were visible as female is known for self-harming. Police attend and take female home safely, later the female returned and had a shard of glass in hand.  CPO retrieved the glass safely and disposed of this. CPOs manage to calm the female down a 2nd time and this time CPOs walked with her and make sure she received the right mental health support from an agency.


£1,870.99 recovered stolen goods by CPOs in May 2019

May 2019

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