Highlights for the Month

• 1st – CPOs helped elderly female waiting for a taxi on College Street. Lady approached CPOs and asked if they could wait with her until her taxi arrived as she felt unsafe by herself. CPOs called taxi service and waited until the taxi arrived.
• 2nd – CPOs attended a store and detained a male for entering the back of house- Male arrested by police.
• 4th – Started monthly welfare checks on City Safe members.
• 5th – CPOs dealt with a vulnerable female who felt ill in the City. The female refused an ambulance. CPOs provided the female with a drink. Once the female felt better the CPOs helped the female onto the bus home.
• CPOs spotted wanted male entering a taxi- Information was provided to the police with direction of travel. Moments later CCTV inform CPOs the male had been arrested.
• 7th – CPOs dealt with an incident involving the welfare of children- Mother was arrested by police and CPOs provided a safe location and provided support to the children with Police.
• 8th – CPOs assisted Eastgate House with the theft of a poppy charity box. CPOs was able to provide relevant information to the Police CCTV.
• 10th – CPOs were called to an incident where a young female was having a fit. Fit was caused by drug and alcohol abuse. CPOs stayed on site, providing first aid until ambulance service arrived.
• 13th – CPOs carried out welfare on street beggars, working with P3 housing to establish if individuals are housed. If individuals are housed, then they are instructed to leave the area ASAP and a report is made. If they are not housed, Street Link referral is made.
• 14th – Called to an incident in the coffee shop where a street drinker had collapsed in store. Street drinker was complaining of chest pains. Ambulance service called- male is known to ambulance service/CPOs.
• 15th – CPOs assist police with the arrest of 3 x youths for throwing objects off a City car park.
• 17th – CPOs assist with 2 x missing children incidents within the city – located by CPOs and reunited with parents.
• 18th – Assisted the events team with parade in City centre.
• 19th – Attended court due to an incident from July 2018 – Male was found guilty due to the evidence captured on the CPOs body worn cameras.
• 20th – CPOs spoke to new big issue seller outside WHSMITHS on Eastgate street. Explaining the role of a CPO and provided contact details if needed.
• 21st – CPOs called to attend GL1 due to a group of 5 youths throwing glass bottles in car park and causing ASB in GL1- CPOs were able to identify 4 out of 5 of the group and engage with them to bring the incident to a successful conclusion.
• 22nd – CPOs called to City Council offices due to a male refusing to leave.
• 23rd – Amey cleaner informed CPOs an Axe had been found in the Street. CPOs informed Police CCTV and took Axe off the street, collected by Police.
• 25th – CPOs assisted staff in Kings Walk with youths on king’s square- using benches as ramps for Bikes – youths left the area.
• 26th – Escorted a prolific shoplifter out of the City to prevent re-offending following incident.
• 27th – CPOs assisted in the arrest of a Prolific shoplifter.
• 27th – Wanted male located by CPOs and monitored until police arrived to arrest male.
• 28th – CPOs helped monitor an area for filming to taking place on a City Street due to public tension (Cromwell Street).
• 29th – Female detained for theft in Debenhams- Female bit, spat and punched CPOs and security officers. Female was arrested by the police.
29th – City Safe Manager and CPOs attended the annual Believe in Gloucester awards night CPOs won the award for Best customer service 2018.
• 30th – CPOs showed a presence in the late evenings at the Quays/Docks.
30th – CPOs dealt with an intruder alarm at the old Argos/Furniture recycling centre. All ok monitored by CCTV.

Nov-18 Businesses Visited Homeless Street Drinkers Rubbish ASB Suspicious behaviour Shoplifting Cards Issued
Week 1

29.10- 04-11

194 15 2 2 6 21 9 10
Week 2


184 26 6 1 9 30 7 7
Week 3

12.11- 18.11

202 20 4 0 3 20 11 6
Week 4


148 13 2 0 4 13 13 10
Week 5


118 9 11 0 9 25 12 12
Total 846 83 25 3 31 109 52 45