The Gloucester Business Improvement District, Gloucester City Council and Gloucester Police have just announced a plan that will enable those pubs, clubs and licensed premises across the city that are currently unable to open because of the coronavirus crisis to provide their customers with a bespoke off-sales and ‘home delivery’ service!

Age, of course, is a critical factor where alcohol is concerned, so every home delivery must be age-authorised ‘at the doorstep’ before the delivery can be made and the transaction completed.

Chairman of the Gloucester Licensed Victualler’s Association and Co-Chairman of the Gloucester Business Improvement District, Justin Hudson, says,

“Gloucester Police and the city council have been incredibly helpful to both the city’s hospitality industry and to those local residents who are currently unable to visit their favourite pubs and venues whilst maintaining ‘social isolation’ during this current crisis.

“We think that Gloucester is the first place in England to have put together such a partnership and its great that we are working together in this way for the best interests of the city and its residents.”

‘Immediate Variations’
Another important player in the deal is Gloucester City Council who will provide ‘immediate variations’ for those licensed premises who now want to provide their customers, especially their regular customers, with an ‘Off Sales’ home delivery service.

Darren Mountford, Gloucester’s City Centre Improvement Officer, who helped put this deal together says,

” the key to this home delivery service is, of course, ‘proof of age’ which must take place, literally, on the doorstep before any alcohol is handed over!

“All customers will be asked for ID if they appear to be under the age of 25.”

“Also, those businesses who do not currently have an ‘Off Sales’ license and would like to be able offer their customers this home delivery service should write to me at: cityimprovement@gloucester.gov.uk

The council and Gloucester Police will then review all such applications and, if approved, permission will be given for an initial period of one month, then on a month by month basis until we have beaten this Coronavirus crisis”

“It’s also important to realise that these alcohol deliveries will only take place during the hours that an establishment is licensed for, so it will be a very controlled and controllable operation” concludes Justin.