“Good morning all, I just wanted to send a quick update with regards to the PSPO enforcement operation that is currently taking place between the Police, City Council, City Protection Officers and City Safe.

CPO Gemma has counted through all the seized items this morning, the numbers are as follows:

Empty Cans = 192

Empty Plastic Bottles = 17

Unopened Cans = 117

Unopened Bottles = 6

Empty Glass Bottles = 23

Bottles of spirit = 7

Other = 4

TOTAL = 366

Last week I summitted papers to our solicitors to start the process of obtaining a new injunction against a male who continues to engage in alcohol related ASB. Once I have a court date confirmed I will update you further.

We are continuing to see a consistent decline in the number of PSPO enforcement interactions we are all having in the City but we continue to carefully monitoring for any displacement.

As always if you have any questions, concerns or ideas please do not hesitate to contact me via the details below.”

Many Thanks

Adam Stevens, Street Aware Lead Officer, Gloucester


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